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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Will Daisy's New Residence Cause Lauren to Snap?


Lauren: Daisy's release from the big house and new digs have the department store diva on edge. Lauren keeps mum to her hubby about just how much of an impact Daisy being so close to her is having.

Nick/Sharon: The former high school sweethearts are once again thrown together, courtesy of a business proposition from Victor. How will Phyllis react to Nick and Sharon running a cosmetics firm together?!

Daniel/Lucy/Daisy/Phyllis: The artist's heart has thawed when it comes to little Lucy. Daniel is head-over-heels for the little girl and wants to be in her life — and keep her away from Daisy. Meanwhile, Daisy thinks since Daniel has fallen for their daughter, he will want them to raise her together. Daniel lets her know she is cray-cray for thinking that mess will EVER happen!

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Phyllis finds out about Daisy's fantasies of Happily Daniel Dfter, and has some choice words for the lukewarm sociopath. While Daisy is preoccupied, Phyllis has a few moments with Lucy which prompts Daisy to call in the social worker, who makes Phyllis return Lucy to her mother. Daisy lets Phyllis know she will file a restraining order against her — banning her from granddaughter! Will Phyllis mess up what Daniel is trying to accomplish via Lucy? 

Jack/Nikki: The two continue to get closer.

Victor: Things go from bad to just terrible in The Black Knight's personal life. Jill walks in on him  and Genevieve in a sticky situation. Later, when Victor throws a bash, an unwelcome guest irks Nikki.

Adam: The Newman black sheep wonders if Victor's legal advice is on the up and up.

Rick/Daisy: The duo teams up. (Why Lord, why?!) 

Cane: The Aussie has to decide between family loyalty or business.