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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Starr is angry with Michael for not telling her that his father was responsible for the accident. Michael claims Anthony would have lied and that Sonny didn’t cause it. She says no one cared about the innocent people who get caught in the crossfire. Michael says he had no idea his father was involved and that she doesn’t know that Anthony has other enemies.

Ewen meets with Kate, who explains what’s happened with Sonny and Anthony. She reveals to him how the gun was found in her office. Kate explains that the police think Sonny dropped it, but she swears Sonny wouldn’t kill two innocent people. Kate’s afraid if he didn’t than could she have.

Dante gets back to the PCPD to find Lulu and Delores arguing about the files. Delores says she didn’t delete them. Lulu points out she was the only one around. Dante says Delores has worked hard on the case. John arrives to snark out Dante and announces Sonny made bail. He wonders if Dante would let someone get off for killing a child.

Steve explains to Olivia that he deliberately killed a patient. It was a prisoner in a coma, in exchange for a heart transplant for a teenage girl. Olivia is shocked and claims it wasn’t his call to make. Steve wonders if she can live with the choice he made. Steve understands what her faith means to her. Olivia says she thought he was different than the other criminals she’s known, but that he shouldn’t live in the past. Steve says someone other than Maggie knows what happens. He says Johnny knows.

Blair and Carly explain to each other who their exes are and commiserate about it. Carly says if Sonny is responsible for the accident, he should pay. She says Starr needs her father, but Blair doesn’t want Todd anywhere near Starr.

Todd tells Sonny that he’s Starr’s father and accuses Sonny of killing his granddaughter. Sonny says he wasn’t responsible, but gives his condolences. Todd says the driver pointed the finger at Sonny. Sonny tells him not to believe everything he hears and to go and comfort Starr. He tells Todd to stay out of things, but Todd isn’t going to be intimidated. He claims Sonny has never been held accountable and that he’s going to make Sonny pay.

Todd says Sonny needs to be held accountable and asks if Sonny would kill him. Sonny says it could be arranged, so Todd pulls a gun and decides he’ll kill first. Sonny claims he has people waiting for him, and that Todd will never make it out because he’ll be dead before Sonny hits the floor. Todd is fine with that, so long as the man who killed his granddaughter dies.

Dante asks if Johnny is there to file a complaint against Sonny. Johnny says Sonny shot at Anthony. Dante asks if Johnny has heard from his grandfather, but Johnny says he hasn’t. Johnny declares that Sonny will pay for what he’s done.

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Kate says if she’s having blackouts, is it possible for her to not remember the gun. Then Kate changes her mind and decides she doesn’t know how to use a gun and wouldn’t go after Anthony, shoot out his tires and kill 2 people. Kate decides she didn’t do it. Ewen says she’s the only one who knows what she’s capable of and asks how the gun got into her office.

Michael says he wants to believe that Sonny wouldn’t lie to him and wouldn’t kill two innocent people and then cover it up. Starr points out that it’s what mobsters do. Michael says he understands his father, but that he loves him anyway. This is something Starr can relate to.

Starr admits her father isn’t perfect. No matter how mad she was at him, she just wanted him to make things better. She tells Michael that her father said he’d make Sonny pay. Michael says Sonny was already arrested. Starr decides to head to the courthouse to talk to the judge. Michael offers to drive her.

Johnny’s waiting for Delores. She reminds him she wants the name of the man who killed her sister. Johnny says if he uses his resources to help her, she needs to help him. Delores says she won’t manufacture evidence for him.  He’ll need to figure out another way to get to Sonny. Johnny remembers Connie’s invitation.

Blair explains that Todd killed his brother and blamed her boyfriend. Carly tells her about Sonny rigging Jax plane. They toast to never looking back. They both agree that the men can be romantic and make them feel alive. Carly remembers herself and declares Sonny to be the father of her kids and that’s it. Blair gets a call from the hospital that Starr left with Michael. Carly figures they’re headed to the courthouse.

Lulu tells Dante that IT is trying to recover the deleted files. Delores continues to be angry with Lulu for the accusation. Dante doesn’t understand why Delores would destroy the file. Lulu thinks Delores doesn’t want them to find the truth. Dante says maybe she’s covering for someone. Delores asks if IT was able to retrieve the deleted files, but Dante says no. He tells Lulu they need to find another way to find the stalker.

Kate decides the Zacchara’s are responsible for everything and declares Johnny to be the shooter, to get back at Sonny and to shoot out Anthony’s car. She tells Ewen she doesn’t need a psychiatrist, so Ewen leaves, as Johnny arrives. Connie says she was wondering when he’d show up.

Todd finds it ironic how easy it was to buy a gun and how the money from the sale will makes its way back into Sonny’s pocket, since he controls all illegal activity. Todd just wants Sonny to die. Sonny says he understands wanting someone to pay but asks what if Todd kills the wrong man. Todd says he can’t fix this for his daughter; he can’t bring her boyfriend and daughter back to her and that by killing Sonny, justice will be served.

Carly, Blair, Michael and Starr arrive at the courthouse. Blair tells Todd not to do it. Todd tells Michael to say goodbye to his father and tells Starr that he’s doing this for her. A shot rings out.