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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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John McBain arrives to stop Todd from shooting Sonny.  Todd’s not ready to give up yet.  Sonny claims he didn’t do it.  Starr begs her father to put the gun down.  Blair tells him not to put his daughter through this.  Blair explains to Carly that McBain is a cop from Llanview. Todd says he’ll feel vindicated if he pulls the trigger.  Starr says she can’t watch him die.  PCPD cops show up, so Todd hides his gun. McBain explains that he’s a cop, here to arrest Todd and return him to Llanview. 

Liz and Matt are going through old photos of Robin, to present a slideshow for the funeral.  She mentions Anna and Patrick being out looking for an outfit for Emma. Matt says everyone appreciates Liz’s help and that Maxie is taking things hard.  Liz tells him to go check on Maxie, but Matt says Maxie doesn’t want him around.  Liz explains that everyone deals with grief in their own way. 

Maxie bumps into Ewen at the hospital and he drops his file on Kate.  Maxie wonders about the DID on the chart. Ewen says he can’t discuss things and Maxie is surprised that Kate would need a shrink.  Maxie mentions Robin and Ewen offers his condolences.  She wants to know what happened in the lab.  Ewen says a gas knob broke off, which triggers Maxie’s memory of it again.  She says she doesn’t want Robin to be dead. 

Johnny says Kate should be expecting him. She says she figured he would show up eventually, to incriminate Sonny some more, since he already planted the gun.  Johnny says he’s talking about her coming onto him at his apartment, something Kate denies.  Kate tells Johnny to get out.  He says he needs to talk to Connie and roughly shoves Kate up against the wall.  Connie emerges ready to play. 

Tracy finds Anthony at the penthouse.  She was hoping he was dead, so their marriage would be as well.  Anthony is happy she was worried, but that things aren’t safe for her.  Anthony blames Sonny for killing two people. Tracy wonders if he feels remorse.  Anthony says if he had stayed, Sonny would have finished the job. 

Olivia wonders how Johnny knows and why. Steve explains that Johnny wants him as his personal doctor and that Johnny did a background check when Steve started dating her.  Steve says he can’t continue to stall Johnny. Olivia decides she’s going to talk to Johnny, so she can stand up for the man that she loves. 

Todd tells McBain that Sonny will pay for what he did, one way or another.  Starr introduces herself to Sonny and asked if he noticed the oncoming car when he was shooting out the tires.  She asks if he cares that her family is dead and it’s his fault.  Blair tells her to stop and let the courts deal with Sonny.  Todd points out that the courts let Sonny out on bail. 

Sonny says he wasn’t responsible.  Starr claims she can prove it, since Anthony pointed the finger at Sonny.  Sonny assures her that Anthony is a liar. Starr accuses Sonny of being the liar and a murderer.

Tracy reminds Anthony that he shot at Dante. Anthony is upset that she doesn’t believe it wasn’t him.  She asks about him leaving town, but Anthony wants to neutralize Sonny first.  Tracy threatens to call Sonny and tell him Anthony’s whereabouts.  Anthony says she’ll be an accessory to murder and that the SCC will find out about her.  Tracy backs down.  Anthony says he’s trying to stay alive, that if he’s going to get wacked he wants it to be for something he actually did.  Tracy says he needs to leave the country, but Anthony isn’t ready to go.  Olivia watches from the hallway. 

Carly warns Sonny that Todd is a dangerous man, who cares about his kids.  Sonny says he empathizes, but he didn’t do it.  He understands he has another enemy. 

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McBain talks to Starr and tells her that Cole loved her.  She thanks him for everything he’s done.  McBain says he spoke with Cole’s parents.  Blair wonders why Todd went after a known mobster.  McBain says he knows who Sonny is. 

Carly says she thought Todd was smarter than this.  He says Sonny destroyed his daughter’s life and he wants to get Starr justice; Sonny deserves to die.  Carly says him and Sonny are alike and that Sonny is hard to kill.  Todd realizes she’s been talking to Blair. He warns her that Sonny will pay for what he’s done.  Carly says it doesn’t help the kids to resort to violence.  He asks her if she believes he killed his brother.  Carly tells him to stop talking himself into a murder conviction, that she hasn’t counted him out yet. 

Michael thanks Starr for stopping Todd.  She says she was trying to save him.  Blair suggests she go back to the hospital, but Starr won’t. 

Sonny tells McBain that it’s been a long time.  He wonders why John left the FBI.  McBain says Cole was like a son to him and if he finds out Sonny was responsible, he’ll wait as long as it takes to take him down himself.

Maxie tells Ewen that Robin was like a sister and that she always forgave Maxie, but she’s left with questions.  Ewen offers to see her professionally, but Maxie says she isn’t crazy, but she was with Robin that night and feels guilty.

Ewen wants Maxie to talk about her feelings, but she says she’s beyond help. Ewen says everyone needs a safe place to talk.  Maxie thinks Robin was her safe place; she was always pushing Maxie to be better. 

Liz says none of their lives are going to be the same without Robin.  Matt says at least she’ll get her job back and explains that Maxie recanted. Now Monica will offer it back.  Liz says she did steal though.  Matt offers her a ride back to the hospital. 

Matt and Liz get off the elevator and find Maxie.  Liz thanks her for clearing her name and gives her condolences about Robin.  Liz understands that Robin was like a sister to Maxie. Robin always told her that Maxie gave good advice and put things in perspective for her.  Maxie runs off.  Matt finds her and hugs her.  Maxie says she doesn’t know what she’ll do without Robin.  Matt tells her not to forget how much she loved Robin. 

Connie’s glad Johnny came to his senses, but Johnny says he’s taking a pass.  Connie insists it will be fun and sends Sonny a text to join her at the office, so he can catch them.  She wants to put on a show and wonders if Johnny is in or out.  She takes off her shirt and they start to kiss on the desk.  Connie turns back into Kate, who screams at Johnny to get off of her and to stay away from her.  Johnny asks what happened to Connie. Kate screams at him to get out. 

Johnny gets home and tells Anthony that Kate is crazy.  Anthony still wants him to sleep with her.  Johnny doesn’t like being pimped out like Claudia was.  Anthony says there’s no legal way to destroy Sonny.

Starr says she forgot her family picture at the hospital, but Michael says he picked it up before they left.  Blair says they’ll go home and help her heal.  Starr doesn’t want to heal.  Michael tells her to let her family help her, that it will be easier at home.  Starr wonders if he just feels it will easier here without her around. 

Michael wants her to have the truth, no matter what it is. If she needs anything, but stops himself and says he’s already let her down.  Starr tells him not to blame himself, that he did everything he could and she’ll see him when she comes back to testify.  

Carly asks Sonny what his deal with McBain is.  McBain leads Todd out and Sonny gives him a little wave goodbye.