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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason wakes up to find Sam at his bedside.  She says he’s been out for several days.  Jason wants to find Robin to thank her.  Sam says Robin’s out and tries to deflect Jason from seeing her.  Spinelli arrives, happy to see his friend awake. When Jason mentions Robin saving his life, Spin inadvertently uses the past tense when referring to Robin, which Jason catches right away.  Spin claims he misspoke and agrees with Sam that Jason should stay put. 

Matt and Liz are helping with Emma, who doesn’t want to put on her dress or say goodbye to Mommy.  Liz explains Robin needs to stay in heaven, to be a guardian angel and watch over Emma, but Emma needs to say goodbye first.  Matt makes Emma smile with a dance, so Emma heads off to get dressed.  Matt wishes it was as easy to help Patrick. 

Patrick wakes up and sees Robin in bed with him.  He feels her presence in the shower and he imagines her helping him get ready. 

Luke finds Anna at the church. She tells him about Robin believing in God.  Anna says she’s like to believe in the afterlife, but can’t.  Luke tells her to find comfort where she can.  Anna is still angry Robert left her alone for the funeral.  Luke blames himself and has the memory of telling Ethan to go along with the con. Anna asks about the bridge. Luke says Robert was considering alternatives, so Anna’s glad Luke told Robert about Ethan. 

Lulu finds Mac knocking on Maxie’s door.  She lets herself in and they find Maxie on the couch, not ready for the funeral.  Maxie says she’s not going because she’s too busy with work.  Mac says she can’t avoid the loss of Robin, even if she skips the funeral. He wonders why Maxie doesn’t want to say her goodbyes. 

Lulu says Maxie should go.  Mac says to have closure.  Maxie doesn’t want closure. She doesn’t want to share her memories with everyone.  Mac feels Robin’s life needs to be celebrated and that Robin would want them to help each other through this. 

Tracy finds Edward looking at the photos of his lost loved ones.  He talks about how the mansion used to always be full of life and talks about Robin.  Tracy assures him that he still has her, that she isn’t going anywhere.  Alice walks in with Tracy’s bags and Monica announces that she wants Tracy out.

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Tracy says Monica can’t kick her out, Edward’s grieving for Robin. However, Monica’s upset about the Anthony vs. Sonny feud. She figures Sonny will show up looking for Anthony again.  Tracy reminds her that Jason kills for a living and Monica welcomes him.  Monica points out that Jason is her son and Tracy married the mob twice. 

The two continue to argue, until Edward collapses.  Tracy accuses Monica of almost killing Edward.  Monica checks him out and asks if he took his medication.  Edward admits he didn’t.  Monica says he should stay home, despite Edward’s wanting to go.  Tracy offers to stay with him.  Monica says she’s going to work, since Robin saved Jason’s life; she’s paying it forward by seeing patients. 

Spinelli tells Sam that he feels Jason should know the truth; he’d want to be at the funeral.  Sam is determined not to let Jason know until Patrick gives the okay that he can handle the truth.  Spinelli argues that it’s Jason’s choice and the longer it goes on the worst the betrayal.  Sam won’t risk it and says she’ll also post guards to make sure Carly doesn’t get to Jason.  Spin says he’ll support her decision.  Sam asks about Maxie and Spin says she’s refusing to be consoled, but he’s doing his best. 

Liz asks if Matt has spoken to Maxie, but he feels there’s nothing he can say.  Liz remembers the pain of losing Jake.  Matt asks how long it’s been. Liz says it’s been a year tomorrow.  She’s glad Robin was able to save Jason’s life, but that he doesn’t know the truth yet.  Matt says it’s good that Jason won’t be at the funeral, for Patrick’s sake. 

Anna mentions having spent time with Robin before she died. She offers to stay for a bit to help Patrick.  She’s not sure how she’ll get through and Luke tells her to lean on him. 

Lulu tells Mac that Maxie feels guilty, having been in the lab before the explosion and not saying goodbye.  Maxie listens as Mac says it isn’t Maxie’s fault.  Maxie comes back, dressed for work, saying she’s always being told to be responsible, so she is.  Mac says it was an accident and she shouldn’t feel guilty or she’ll regret not going.  Maxie says she doesn’t remember Georgie’s funeral, because it was all a big blur. She didn’t get closure, so there’s no point going.  Mac says they can help each other, but Maxie says she’s the selfish one and storms off. 

Edward says his goodbyes to Robin, remembering the person she was and what she handled with dignity and grace.  He remembers her on her wedding day.  Tracy understands that her father feels badly for everyone who has gone before him, but she’s glad he’s still here, because she needs him.  Edward jokes that he’s too ornery to die. 

Patrick finally comes down and hugs Emma.  Liz ushers Emma off while Matt sits with Patrick and assures him they’ll get through this, despite Patrick not knowing how.  Matt says Patrick held it together for Emma, but Patrick says he’s seeing Robin everywhere. He is barely holding himself together.

Luke compliments Anna on how Robin turned out.  She says kids change you and asks about his.  He says Lucky changed him, but that something happened as Lucky got older.  He says Lulu is different and he treated her differently.  Anna asks about Ethan, and Luke says he hasn’t told Lulu yet.  Lulu arrives and asks what she hasn’t been told yet. 

Jason wants to leave, but Sam wants him to stay, that he doesn’t want a relapse.  Jason wants to go and see Robin.