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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Emma shows Patrick a picture she wants to give to Mommy to take to heaven. Liz and Matt head out with Emma. Patrick looks around his empty house and cries. When Robin appears, Patrick says he can’t do this without her; he’s nothing without her. Robin assures him that he can do this and that she’ll love him always. When Patrick looks back, Robin is gone.

Mac explains to Anna that Maxie isn’t coming to the funeral. Anna’s not sure if she can go through with it herself. She thanks Mac for raising Robin and being her constant. Mac says Robin was a gift and that he was proud of the woman she became. Emma shows Anna the picture and Mac helps her place it by Robin’s photo. Liz assures them that Patrick is on his way.

Lulu asks about Ethan leaving. Luke assures her that everything is okay and he’ll explain later. Spinelli arrives and asks Matt if he was with Maxie. However, Matt says he stayed with Patrick. Spin feels Maxie shouldn’t have been left alone and hopes the funeral will bring her comfort. Lulu tells them that Maxie isn’t coming, because she went to work instead. Spinelli offers to go and convince Maxie to come to the funeral.

At work, Maxie remembers the gas valve and spots a photo of her and Robin. She cries, saying she’s sorry.

Carly eavesdrops as Epiphany tells Monica she isn’t going to the funeral, so she can honor Robin by taking care of patients. Monica agrees with this and also wants to see Jason. Pif explains Carly’s attempts to see Jason and Sam’s ban. Monica says Sam is under a lot of stress and will stand behind her.

Jason wants to thank Robin, but Sam says he can’t because Robin’s left the hospital and she isn’t sure where she is. Sam feels Jason isn’t strong enough to leave. Alexis and Molly stop by, dressed up for the funeral. Jason asks Alexis for her cell phone and leaves a message for Robin, thanking her. Jason wants someone to release him.

Alexis and Sam head out to find a doctor. Alexis says she understands Sam’s position. Sam swears she’ll tell Jason the truth once she knows he’s out of danger. Molly talks to Jason about baby names and wanting to babysit. Jason asks why she’s all dressed up. However, Alexis returns and says Sam’s looking for a doctor. Alexis says Sam is under stress and afraid of a relapse. She asks if Jason can just stay put. Jason says he’ll wait.

Monica tells Sam that Dr. Maruchi has checked Jason’s records and gives the okay to be told about Robin. Sam says Maruchi wasn’t involved. She only wants Patrick’s okay. Monica says Jason and Robin were close and he’ll want to know, but Sam is sure he’d go straight to the funeral and she doesn’t want that. Monica worries that Jason will resent Sam.

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Monica’s happy to see Jason up and about. He wants to find Patrick, so he can be released. Monica tells him to wait a little longer. After Monica leaves, Jason mentions Molly’s offer to babysit, which is fine with Sam.

Sonny and Kate arrive at the funeral. He asks where she went last night, since she texted him and then wasn’t there. Kate has no memory of the text but claims she was called into a meeting.

Anna wonders if Emma will be scared of the casket. Mac assures her that Emma likely doesn’t understand anything. He says  there will be a ceremony on the hospital roof to celebrate Robin’s life. Luke asks Anna how she’s holding up and she says she’s keeping it together for Emma and Patrick and wonders if Patrick will show up to say goodbye.

Patrick arrives at the church. Emma tells him that she put her picture with the photo. Liz offers to take Emma for a walk. Sonny offers Patrick his condolences. Patrick says Sonny has no right to be there, anymore than the murdering Jason. Sonny says Robin was special to him. Patrick reminds him of shooting a gun in his home. Sonny says he regrets that. Patrick wants him to take his regrets and get out. Kate intervenes,  saying Robin loved Sonny and he has the right to be there. Patrick says Sonny brought Robin misery and that if it weren’t for Jason, she’d still be alive. Sonny says he’s just there to pay his respects. Matt ushers Patrick away.

Sonny approaches Anna and offers his condolences. Anna says she heard that he was kind to Robin. Sonny says Robin was kinder to him than he deserved. Luke says he understands Patrick’s reaction and asks about the car accident. Sonny says he’ll discuss that later, since this is about Robin.

Spinelli shows up at Crimson, concerned about Maxie. She says she has thousands of things to do. Spin tells her that she needs to grieve Robin. Maxie says she may regret not going. However, there are tons of things she can’t fix, so there’s no point wasting time. Spin moves towards her and Maxie warns him not to hug her; she doesn’t deserve it. Spinelli wonders why Maxie feels she shouldn’t be comforted on Robin’s funeral day.

Maxie feels nothing will bring Robin back and she needs to move on with her life, because Robin would want that. Spin thinks it would ease her pain to be with others who loved Robin. Maxie doesn’t want to celebrate Robin’s death, so Spin tells her to celebrate Robin’s life. Spin says Robin would want Maxie there. Maxie says Spin wasn’t in the lab that night. She says he didn’t see what she did or the things she said. She wonders why Robin would want her there after that. Spin says Robin would want them to help each other and that it isn’t right to be absent.

Father Coates begins the service. Amid flashbacks, Mac gives a eulogy. He says Robin is the best thing to happen to him and he promised to take care of her. He talks about Robin’s diagnosis and how strong she was. Mac addresses Emma, telling her that he misses Robin. He says they’re a family, they’re Scorpios and there’s nothing they can’t get through.

Liz eulogizes that she and Robin were good friends. She says Robin fought hard for the people she loved. Liz says Robin asked her to help with Emma, but Liz knows Robin is irreplaceable.

Sonny eulogizes about Robin’s big heart. He says she wasn’t judgmental and there was a light inside her. He talks of her relationship with Stone and how he respected her.

Carly sweet talks an orderly into letting her into a closet. Later, the orderly tells Pif that Carly tried to get hospital scrubs again. Epiphany tells Sam that Carly’s hanging around and they need to deal with it. Carly, dressed in a janitor’s uniform, lets herself into Jason’s room. She is happy to see that he’s okay. Carly says she has something to tell him that can’t wait.