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SOAP BYTES: Port Charles Honors Robin; Rafe and Carrie’s Care Bear Chemistry

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GH BYTES: The heartbreaking performances on General Hospital continue. At this rate I’m going to need to invest in Kleenex stock. John J. York (Mac), Finola Hughes (Anna) and especially Jason Thompson (Patrick) continue to deliver emotional material. Even Jen Lilley (Maxie) is shouldering her part of the storyline. This is so hard.

I’m not sure how I feel about Sonny (Maurice Benard) speaking at Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) funeral. Patrick told him to “get the hell out,” but I’m not surprised he refused to leave. I get Sonny wanted to pay his respects to someone he’s known for so long, but if I were in Patrick’s shoes I wouldn’t have wanted him to speak at my dead wife’s funeral.

I don’t have a problem with GH exploring Patrick and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) down the road, but I’m not sure I want to see a Patrick/Elizabeth/Matt triangle. Of course for that to work, Matt would have to extricate himself from the Maxie storyline and that doesn’t appear to be happening soon.  Of course I’m still holding out hope for a Liason reunion.

 Go Carly (Laura Wright)! Jason (Steve Burton) needs to know the truth about Robin. Sam (Kelly Monaco) had no business keeping it from him.

Question: Is that Carly’s yellow living room set doubling as the church walls?


DAYS:  Marlena (Deidre Hall) and Brady (Eric Martsolf), now those are two characters we haven’t seen together much since Marlena returned to Salem.  (Step)Mothers sure know how to cut to the chase with their children, don’t they?

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Marlena: “You have to show her she can count on you to be strong enough for both of you.”

Brady: “I can do that.”

Marlena: “I know you can. And be aware, it’s going to be an uphill battle.”

If that doesn’t foreshadow romantic pain, I don’t know what does. However, it is making me want to root for Madison and Brady. I really need to find out what their squish name is. (Editor's Note: It's Bradison, Luke...)

Madison: “I despise you.”

Ian: “There’s a fine line between love and hate.”

So Carrie (Christie Clarke) admitted she’s in love with Rafe (Galen Gering). Too bad Carrie and Rafe share about as much chemistry as the Snuggle Bear and a Care Bear would. Someone needs to run this pairing over with a Wanchai Ferry delivery truck.

NOTE: The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful were pre-empted by March Madness.