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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Maxie wants Spinelli to leave her alone and go back to the funeral. Spinelli says it’s the sole opportunity for everyone close to Robin to be under one roof. He tells her what she has to say might ease someone else’s pain.  Maxie feels she can’t make a difference and Spin thinks she’ll regret not going, but ultimately leaves without her. 

Sonny continues his eulogy of Robin, along with another flashback.  He says she was like a little sister and he failed her. He says he did something to ruin the relationship and wishes he could make it right with her family.  Sonny and Kate leave and go back to Crimson.

Sam tells Epiphany she doesn’t want to upset Jason. Pif assures her that Carly will have to go through her.  Pif tells her to check the locker room, in case Carly’s there changing into more scrubs. 

Carly hugs Jason, who doesn’t want her to fight with Sam.  Carly tells him Sam banned her. Jason asks what she isn’t telling him. Carly swears she would never do anything to hurt him and that Sam doesn’t want her to tell him. Jason says the Franco stuff was tough on Sam. He appreciates that Carly went along with Sam’s rules.  Carly feels Sam needs to respect her place as his friend. 

Along with flashbacks of a very young Robin, Anna eulogizes how her daughter grew up to be a strong, self sufficient woman. Anna says she had the love and support of a lot of people.  She thanks Mac and says she’s proud of the woman Robin grew up to be.  She says Robert would have wanted to be there.

Father Coates interrupts, saying Robert sent a letter to be read by Luke.  Luke reads the letter in which Robert apologizes for not being there, but was sent on an important mission.  He feels he failed Robin and Anna deserves the credit for the brilliant woman she became. 

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Father Coates is ready to wrap it up, but Patrick stands, to speak.  He can’t believe what’s happened.  He thought his life was complete, until Robin came into it and changed it all.  He says Robin taught him compassion, perseverance and loved him and their daughter.  Patrick gets chocked up as he says he doesn’t know how he’ll go on.  Matt comforts him and guides him back to his seat. 

Kate commends Sonny for a lovely eulogy.  They make a toast to Robin.  Sonny thanks her for her support, but asks again about the text.  Kate remembers her conversation with Ewen and tries to deflect Sonny by talking about Robin.  Sonny says he wishes he was a better speaker and that he was out of control last summer, but can’t believe people think him capable of causing an accident that killed a child.  He’s glad she’s on his side. 

Kate swears she’s on his side.  Sonny finds Ewen’s business card and asks if she’s seeing another man.  Kate says she isn’t.  Sonny asks who Ewen is. She says he’s her psychiatrist, here in town.  Sonny wonders where she found him, since he’s never heard of him. 

Sam runs into a freshly showered, naked Ewen in the locker room and asks if he’s seen Carly.  She explains that Carly is like the other woman, in that she wants to be in Jason’s life and doesn’t respect Sam’s part it in. Ewen wonders if she wants to sever their friendship or set boundaries.  Sam says they set boundaries, but Carly won’t follow them and treats her as secondary.  She says Jason is not well and if Carly tells him about Robin, it could kill him.  Sam says she has to make the decisions for Jason. 

Carly swears she’s not trying to make things worse.  Jason asks her to let Sam feel like she’s in charge.  Carly wonders if he wants Sam making decisions for him.  Carly says Sam hasn’t been honest with him. She says there is something she hasn’t told Jason, which was fine before the procedure, but it needs to be said.  Carly says it’s about Robin. 

Jason tells her to back off Robin, since Robin saved his life.  Carly says she’ll always be grateful to Robin and natters on about being wrong about her.  Jason asks what happened to Robin.  Carly says she’s sorry, but that Robin is dead. 

Maxie storms into the church, saying she has something to say.   Both Lulu and Matt try to get Maxie to sit with them, but she’s determined to have her say.  Maxie apologizes for being late and says someone told her she’d hate herself if she didn’t, but that she already hates herself and that they will too.

Maxie says it was her fault; she was with Robin, that she wanted Robin to drop everything to focus on Maxie.  Maxie says she got angry, that she called Robin selfish.  Spinelli interrupts to says she’s being too hard on herself, that Robin understood what Maxie was like.  Spinelli says everyone has replayed their final moments, had regrets and that Robin knew the best of her.  Maxie says she didn’t deserve it because she killed Robin.