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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason remembers the explosion in the lab. Carly admits that’s where Robin was. He says Sam told him Robin was fine. Carly explains that Sam was trying to protect him. She says Sam wouldn’t let her tell Jason the truth. Jason realizes Robin was dead when Patrick went into the surgery. Carly says Patrick did it for Robin. Jason wants to know why Robin went back into the lab. Carly tells him it was to get his drug protocol.

Maxie claims she killed Robin. She says her purse caught the gas valve that fell off, which caused the gas leak and caused the explosion. Spinelli claims it was an accident. Matt tells her to calm down and to leave. Maxie addresses Anna, Mac, and Patrick telling them they should hate her. When she turns to Emma, Liz hurries Emma out of the church. Maxie turns back to Patrick, saying how hard they worked to put their marriage back together after the Lisa stuff and insists on Mac arresting her. Instead, Mac takes her to hospital. Patrick says he wanted this day to be about Robin. Lulu assures him that everyone was here to honor her.

Kate explains to Sonny that she met Ewen and decides to work with him. Sonny swears again that he had nothing to do with Starr’s accident. He tells her the trial won’t be easy and that nothing she can say will change his feelings for her. He leaves the room to take a call and Connie emerges.

When Sonny comes back, Connie ignores him and he demands she talk to him. She says she isn’t Kate and doesn’t want to talk and starts to kiss him. Sonny says sex doesn’t solve everything. He feels things are different with her. She says she isn’t Kate Howard, but someone named Carmen. Sonny insists he doesn’t need someone else and that he’s in love with Kate. Connie tells him to leave.

Jason’s upset that Robin died to save him and shouldn’t have taken the chance. Carly tells him not to blame himself; Robin made the choice to save him and he needs to honor that. Jason says he never got a chance to say goodbye and asks about the funeral. Carly tells him it’s today and where it is, so Jason heads out.

Sam finds Carly in Jason’s room. Carly tells her that she told Jason about Robin and that he went to the funeral. Sam heads out. Epiphany calls out Carly, who claims she did what she had to do and that Jason likely won’t forgive Sam.

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At the hospital, Maxie continues to shriek that she killed Robin and that Mac needs to arrest her. Mac says it was an accident, Maxie meant no harm and he can’t arrest her. Maxie says it wasn’t an accident when she killed Lisa Niles. Spinelli tells her to calm down. Mac says she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Maxie claims this is her third murder and to arrest her.

On the hospital roof, Liz shows Emma an epitaph of Robin that will be placed on the hospital grounds. After everyone leaves, Patrick makes an airplane with Emma’s picture. Emma throws it off the roof, saying goodbye to Mommy.

Carly goes to Johnny’s, positively glowing that Jason will be okay and that she told him about Robin. She says Sam was trying to control Jason, but now he’ll see Sam for who she is. Johnny points out that Jason had just had brain surgery and Sam was trying to protect him. Carly claims she knows what Jason needs. Sam is insecure and wants to cut the women out of Jason’s life. She says she’s been Jason’s family longer than Sam has been his wife.

Johnny says Sam’s actions weren’t malicious and he wonders if Carly wants to help Jason or hurt Sam. Carly insists Jason needed to know and that Sam managed him like the Qs did after his surgery. Johnny thinks Carly’s the one who can’t stand a woman in Jason’s life, but Carly claims Jason will see Sam as a liar.

Johnny thinks Carly is hanging out with him to make Jason jealous because she wants him back. Carly claims Sam doesn’t understand Jason. She claims Jason was once the only good thing but now she has other options and they kiss.

Anna finds Patrick on the roof and asks what Maxie meant about Lisa. Patrick admits that he cheated on Robin, which angers Anna. He explains about his past with Lisa and how things happened. Anna says Robin trusted him and believed in their marriage. She wonders if he resented Robin for making him a family man. Anna says she wanted Patrick to be the right man and to love her daughter like she deserved, but he broke her heart.

Anna doesn’t understand why Patrick would cheat on Robin if he loved Emma and risk destroying his family. Patrick swears Emma is his number one priority. Patrick assures Anna that he and Robin worked out their problems and that Lisa is out of their lives. At Anna’s insistence, he explains what happened with Lisa and Anna is shocked that Robin never told her or up and took Emma to her. Patrick feels Robin wouldn’t take Emma away from him. Anna doesn’t have the same reservations and is determined to keep Emma safe.

Jason gets to the church to find it empty. He discovers a photo of Robin and sits there, until Sam arrives. He accuses her of lying to him. He asks why she didn’t tell him that Robin was dead. Sam says she was waiting for the right time. Jason accuses her of knowing Robin was dead and lying to him and having others, like Alexis and Molly, go along with it. Sam says he could have died. Jason says Robin died because she went back in for him and Sam wanted to make sure Robin’s sacrifice was worth it.

Sam claims Robin would want him to be a father and couldn’t live with her baby growing up without him. She made the only choice she knew to make. Jason says Robin had people to live for too and it wasn’t her choice to make. Jason says at least Carly told him the truth. Sam claims Carly didn’t care if he died, but Jason feels Carly told him because he had a right to know. Sam says Carly did it to prove a point, that she knows Jason better than Sam does. Jason thinks maybe Carly does.