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Kelli Williams Talks Going From Watching Susan Lucci on Soaps to Getting The "Evil Eye" From Her on Army Wives

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Who says primetime actors can't get a bit gobsmacked meeting a soap legend? Army Wives' Kelli Williams dished with our buddies over at Zap2It about what viewers can expect when her character Jackie mixes it up with the other wives. The actress revealed what it was like working with All My Children diva and soap icon Susan Lucci, after watching her for years onscreen. Williams stated:

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When I was a teenager, I had a girlfriend who was obsessed with 'All My Children,' and she would have the VCR ready to go every day. We'd come home from school, and she'd go, 'Come on, you have to watch this with me.' I didn't feel like it, but of course, I would and I'd get hooked by all the stories. Then, there I am all these many years opposite Susan Lucci, who's giving me the evil eye in character.

Army Wives airs Sundays at 9 PM EST on Lifetime

Photo of Kelli Williams by PR Photos