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SOAP BYTES: Jill’s Japanese Adventure on The Young and the Restless; Sami’s Confession on Days of Our Lives

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Y&R BYTES: Where is Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) when you need her? She should be in Japan to take out Genaura (Genie Francis) in an epic catfight that results in those thin, white walls crashing down around everyone.

Nikki’s jealousy is so much fun to watch. It's obvious Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) is a bit tired of Nikki and Victor's (Eric Braeden) back and forth.

Katherine:  “You ran. He buried his head in the sands of business, any distraction will do.  Why don’t the two of you, one day, just sit down and stare at each other long enough to come up with some solution to make this relationship work.  Make it stick!”

Yep, Adam and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Eagan) are growing on me. Their dynamic is a welcome relief to the on again/off again dynamic he shares with Sharon (Sharon Case) and that is something for a Shadam fan to be saying.

Jill (Jess Walton) wearing a Kimono was as hilarious as it was awesome. I always love it when Jill is up to no good and her jaunt to Japan is shaping up to be fun. Let's hope it continues that way!

Abby needs a better storyline. My Marcy Rylan should not be wasted. That is all.


GH BYTES: Kudos to Jen Lilley for Monday’s episode of General Hospital. I felt Maxie’s grief explode at the funeral. When she crumpled into Mac’s (John J. York) arms we saw what her guilt has done to her. But wait, because she can’t be arrested for Robin’s (Kimberly McCullough) death, now Maxie is confessing to killing Lisa (Briana Brown)? Or, is she really guilty?

Anna’s (Finola Hughes) confrontation with Patrick (Jason Thompson) after learning he'd cheated on Robin was powerful, gut-wrenching soap goodness. They were definitely my Performers of the Day.

I liked Anna’s threat to take Emma away from Patrick if she believes her granddaughter to be in danger. What a way to milk major drama out of a popular chacter exiting the soap!

Carly (Laura Wright) finally made it to Jason (Steve Burton); he now knows the truth about Sam (Kelly Monaco) keeping Robin's death from him.  How much damage has it done to Sam and Jason’s marriage?

Sam: “I made the only choice I knew how.”

Jason: “It wasn’t your choice to make.”

Does Carly know Jason better than Sam? I’d say yes.

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Imagine what Johnny (Brandon Barash) must be thinking, realizing he’s involved with a woman who will choose Jason over everyone, but her children.

Welcome back Connie (Kelly Sullivan)! Connie has become “Must See Soap Opera,” which is more than I could say for Sullivan's initial interpretation of Kate Howard. Now the big question is, will Sonny (Maurice Benard) want to keep Connie around or get Kate back?

If Sonny wants the Kate personality back, does it mean he’s finally ready to accept her for the woman she’s made herself into, and is done pining over the girl from Bensonhurst? 


DAYS BYTES: Uh oh! Sami (Alison Sweeney) is feeling the walls closing in on her. Seeing how nervous she got when Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) said he was going to help her find the spy at Countess W made me lick my lips in anticipation. We all know how Sami behaves when she feels cornered.

Ok I have to admit, I didn’t expect Sami to admit she was the mole to Lucas. That right there is proof Sam has grown as a character, if only a little bit; isn't it?

No, just no! I do not want to see Billie (Lisa Rinna) and Dr. Hairy Chest (Shawn Christian) have a fling. Admittedly, I’d prefer if he just left Salem altogether. However, if you ask me, the single doctor is being chemistry-tested with way too many different women. The only way I’d even be willing to entertain Billie and Daniel as a couple, is if it meant we'd get Rachel Melvin to return as Chelsea.

It is now apparent Rinna was brought back to provide comedic relief. That’s not a bad thing. So far Billie has been her most enjoyable when Rinna doesn’t have to take herself too seriously. She’s already popped up in Austin’s (Patrick Muldoon) bed, punched Daniel and felt up Chad (Casey Deidrick). All scenes I enjoyed, unlike those attempts at dramatic scenes by Bo's (Peter Reckell) hospital bed.

One more person now knows Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) pregnancy secret. How long until EJ (James Scott) finds out?


B&B BYTES: Did anyone watch Sunday’s Once Upon a Time where Snow White was trying to kill the blue bird? For some reason I wanted to swat Hope (Kim Matula) and Liam (Scott Clifton) with a broom during their telephone conversation.  Some days I love them as a couple and others I just can’t watch another one of their scenes.

What is Liam going to say when he learns the only way Hope can make love to him is if she’s on an anxiety pill? Could there be an addiction storyline in Hope’s future? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

There is one thing that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood had going for her for her first few years on The Bold and the Beautiful, her amazing hair. Today her acting is almost as beautiful as her hair, which is why I did a double take at the braided ponytail hairstyle she was sporting Monday. It was not a good look.  Maybe they wanted her hair style to reflect her anguish about Liam?

Taylor to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Hope: “The two of you could at least pretend not to be so happy.”