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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Now that we have two John’s in Port Charles–for the sake of sanity–Mr. Zacchara will be known as Johnny, while Mr. McBain will be known as John. Although really, they could both just as easily be known as McHottie!!

Patrick feels Robin wouldn’t have wanted Anna upset with him as she’d already forgiven Patrick. Anna wonders if that means she’s supposed to forgive him as well. She says she isn’t going to and asks how he managed to forgive himself.

Dante gets an update from Lulu about Maxie and the funeral. He then gets a visit from John McBain, who claims to be here to talk about Sonny. Dante says Sonny is innocent until proven guilty. John wants to go over the evidence. Dante wonders why it’s his business. John says the victims were from his jurisdiction and that Cole was like a son to him. Dante thinks that means personal feelings are clouding the investigation. John points out that Sonny is Dante’s father.

Spinelli feels Maxie isn’t capable of taking a life. Mac says there’s no evidence pointing at her. Matt wants to admit her to the hospital for tests. Maxie says she committed another crime with Anthony; the death of the first mate and explains her involvement with Anthony. Mac’s not happy with her involvement with the mob. Spinelli feels the timing of her confession is suspect, since Anthony’s in hiding and can’t corroborate.

Carly finds lipstick on one of Johnny’s shirts and thinks it’s a shade the Falconeri’s wear. She wonders if he’s been seeing Olivia again. Johnny says he hasn’t seen Olivia for at least a year. Carly asks if it’s the women from Vonn’s. Johnny wonders if she’s jealous. He claims he’s not seeing anyone else and so does she, so they start to kiss.

Jason asks Sam if the doctors told her to lie to him. Sam says Patrick told her to keep him calm, but that doesn’t satisfy Jason. Sam says it was up to her to decide and Jason came so close to dying. She responds that she couldn’t chance it, especially since Robin was already dead. She reminds him that he just woke up from surgery and should be in the hospital. Jason refuses to go back, so Sam offers to take him home. Jason asks if she thinks its okay to have lied for his own good. Sam says it was for their good and the baby. Jason storms off, saying he’s going to say goodbye to Robin and not to follow him.

Connie does her best to get rid of Sonny, reminding him to go and see Jason at the hospital. She doesn’t want to kiss him goodbye, claiming it will mess up her makeup. After Sonny leaves, Connie high tails it over to Johnny’s, while Carly is still there.

Connie insists Johnny open the door, but Johnny tries to distract Carly, who’s sure it’s Kate’s voice. Connie mentions wanting to destroy Sonny and is surprised when it’s Carly who opens the door.

Dante says Sonny didn’t raise him. John knows about their past and how Dante “accidentally” shot himself in the chest. Dante asks about John’s past and he admits being with the bureau, but brings it back to Dante’s conflict of interest. Dante assures him that he’s done everything by the book so far. However, John wonders what loopholes he’s left. Dante says he was at the accident and that Michael almost died trying to save them. He says John should go home, but John plans on sticking around

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Mac asks why Maxie would kill Lisa. Spinelli reminds her that he was with her that night. He says she was too busy trying to get back together with Matt to kill anyone. Maxie says she wanted Lisa to pay for making Robin’s life miserable. She says Lisa was a horrible, evil person and that Robin was too decent to kill Lisa, so Maxie did it for her. .

Dante’s surprised when Maxie is brought in. Spinelli explains that Maxie insisted on being arrested and that she confessed to Lisa’s murder.

Anna stops by Jake’s to get drunk. Coleman offers his condolences, saying Robin was a special girl. Luke finds her there, but doesn’t want to drink with her. He prefers to be her sober sounding board. Anna says she destroyed her son in law.

Anna asks if Luke knew about Lisa. She is angry that Patrick cheated on Robin and that Robin forgave him. Luke says Robin loved Patrick. Anna says she thought Patrick was keeping Robin happy, but he wasn’t. She says if she’d known about Lisa, she would have dealt with her. Luke thinks Anna isn’t just angry with Patrick, but also with Robin.

Patrick gets home to his empty house. There’s a knock on the door and Noah’s there. The two hug and Patrick asks where his father’s been. Noah mentions Somalia and Sudan, which is why it took some time for him to find out about Robin. He apologizes for not being there for the funeral. Patrick says it was a fiasco. He explains about Maxie losing it. He tells Noah that Anna is furious at him for cheating on Robin.

Sonny finds Jason gone from the hospital and runs into Michael. Sonny asks if Jason knows about Robin. However, Michael isn’t aware and asks about the funeral. He shows Sonny an article about Cole and Hope’s funeral in Llanview. Sonny bad mouths Todd Manning, claiming he’s the worst, since he has no code. Sonny feels entitled to do whatever he wants. Sonny doesn’t appreciate Todd calling him a baby killer. He asks if Michael thinks he killed Hope.

Sam sits in the church and tells Robin’s portrait that she was trying to protect Jason, so their baby would know it’s father. John finds her there and she asks if she knows him. He says they never met and gives his name. Sam feels she recognizes his eyes. John says he’s been in the papers lately and that might be what she remembers. He asks if she’s okay. Sam thinks she’s lost her husband.

Sam wonders if it’s okay to lie to save someone pain. She says she lied to her husband to protect him. John understands that, having gone through it with his own wife and says it was like a stake to the heart.

Jason goes to the bridge and says he wishes he didn’t have to say goodbye to Robin. Liz finds him there and is concerned that he’s out of the hospital already. Jason says he was too late for the funeral. He wonders if Emma will remember Robin. Liz assures him that they won’t let her forget, but Jason is angry at how great a person Robin was and how he’s lost her forever.

Jason asks if Sam swore her to secrecy as well. Liz says Sam didn’t want anyone to say anything until he was better. Jason angrily says that everyone lied to him, Monica, Alexis, Molly, Spinelli and claimed it was for his own good. Jason says Sam made a decision for him and wonders how he can forgive her.