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Carolyn Hinsey on Young and Restless: "Don't Fill The Screen With Actors From Other Soaps and American Idol Runners-Up From Eight Years Ago"

I rarely link and/or promote other opinion pieces on DC, but this one deserves some special recognition! Any fan who has been as disgruntled over the state of CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless as the bloggers and podcasters on this site have, should run, not walk, and pick up the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, to read Carolyn Hinsey's "It's Only My Opinion" column. La Hinsey devotes the entire two-page spread to the goings-on in Genoa City. 


"Yes, it's still the No. 1 soap, but the show has meandered a bit lately."

Talk about the understatement of the millenium!

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Hinsey offers up suggestions to fix the sudser with the subheadings: "Restore Balance," "Enough With The Newbies," "Create Logical Characters," "Establish Connections," 'Shore Up The Families" and "Tie Scenes Together."

Here's a snippet:

"I get the excitement of hiring Debbi Morgan, but the recast made zero sense. Yolanda, who went by the name Candy Cane as a rock groupie, is suddenly named Harmony."

Hmm, well we know Y&R's showrunner, Maria Arena Bell, draws strength from everything her late father-in-law Bill Bell taught her when she sees criticism of her "vision" on message boards. I wonder if that works out the same when it's in a column, published in a national magazine?

Pick up the April 3, 2012 issue of SOD for more of Hinsey's State of Genoa City address. Haven't read Hinsey's book Afternoon Delight? You can purchase a copy by clicking here.