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DAYS' Chandler Massey Reveals Why Will is So Angry at Sami: "He's Scared to Come Out to His Mom"

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Salem, U.S.A. bad girl Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) has committed a litany of heinous acts over the years on Days of Our Lives. From drugging and raping Austin (Patrick Muldoon), to selling her baby sister on the black market and/or manipulating DNA tests to serve her own purposes; it's no surprise her eldest offspring, Will Horton (Chandler Massey), has finally grown tired of her shenanigans!


Will and Sami are once again at odds, seemingly over his mother's latest scandalous stunt—sleeping with EJ (James Scott)—but is there more to it? AfterElton spoke with Massey to find out the real skinny behind Will's hostility towards Sami.

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AE: At this point, Will and Sami are still very much at odds, and he’s not giving her much of a break. But what do you think? Do you think he should stay mad at her, or should he just forgive her at this point?

CM: I understand why they’re dragging out the conflict, but I’m the first person that’s a fan of Will's and I love my character and I think his anger is completely justified. But I guess that it’s so important to forgive.

She’s done worse things before and really it’s not necessarily even about the whole sleeping with EJ thing even though Will constantly brings that up. At the source of it is that Will’s confused and he’s scared to come out to his Mom. He thinks that she should probably know already, and just the fact that she doesn’t seem to be there for him and doesn’t seem to be aware in the slightest way. That’s the real issue there, and he’s kind of taking out his frustration and his insecurities on her. She’s an easy target.

Soap legend Deidre Hall, who plays Sami's mom and Will's grandmother, Dr. Marlena Evans on the sudser,also spoke with the site and discussed her thoughts about Will's coming out storyline .

AE: You’ve been part of the daytime world for so long and the gay story is still taboo for daytime. What do you think about the way the show has presented it?

DH: I think it’s been great. Marlene [McPherson, Days head writer] talked about it before it ever came across on pages, and their investment in having it beautifully, tastefully and carefully done so you fall in love with Will for all the right reasons before you realize that this is what’s going on with him. You’re already supporting, already on his side, already rooting for him. And then when you hear Marlena say ‘Yep, that’s what we get!’ If it’s okay with her, it’s okay with most people. It’s been brilliantly done and given people who might have been resistant in the first place are now on board with him.

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