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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly wants to know why Kate’s at Johnny’s and why she says she wants to get back at Sonny. Connie channels Kate and tells Johnny she won’t let him frame Sonny for shooting Anthony’s tires. Carly asks if Sonny knows Kate’s there and then decides to leave, but not before noticing the lipstick shirt again.

Connie understands that Johnny is seeing Carly, which works for her. She can piss off Carly, while getting Sonny to dump Kate. Johnny isn’t interested in hurting Carly and isn’t interested when Connie comes onto him again. Connie offers to pick another night where Sonny can catch them.

Sam asks if the lies ruined John’s relationship. He says he couldn’t get past it at first, but gave it time. Sam complains that she was trying to save Jason’s life. John says he has a son now and shows Sam a picture. He thinks that one lie doesn’t have to ruin everything. Sam is surprised that she’s opening up to a stranger. She asks about his connection to Robin. John says he didn’t know her but was looking for Sonny because he has unfinished business with him.

Jason says he knew something was wrong the day of the explosion, by the look on Sam’s face. He didn’t want to push her. Liz says Sam was trying to save his life. Jason doesn’t understand why Robin went back in and that she shouldn’t have died for him. Liz says that’s who Robin was, that it’s not his fault and it’s certainly not Sam’s fault.

Sonny asks if Michael believes that he didn’t kill Hope. Michael just wants the truth so that Starr can have her answers. He just wants his father to be innocent. Carly shows up, asking if Jason’s returned. When Sonny asks, she admits she told Jason about Robin. Sonny asks to speak to Carly, so Michael leaves them, but not before reminding them not to fight.

Starr’s at Cole and Hope’s crypt, saying her goodbyes. She remembers finding out Michael is Sonny’s son, and accusing Sonny at the courthouse. She swears she’ll go back for the trial to testify. She receives a text from Michael, asking how she is and says she’ll be fine once she makes Sonny pay.

Noah’s upset that Anna went off on Patrick, since Robin had already forgiven him. He says Anna isn’t the only one to lose Robin. Patrick says he made a terrible mistake and spent 2 yrs trying to fix it. He’s upset that the last years of Robin’s life were wasted because of a mistake that he made. Noah tells him he’s human and that he’s proud of him.

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Noah peeks in on a sleeping Emma and mentions how much she’s Robin’s daughter. Patrick wonders if it’s always going to be like this because he doesn’t think he can do it. Noah says there’s no timetable and to simply put one foot in front of the other. Patrick says he’s glad his father came.

Anna doesn’t’ believe she’s angry at Robin, but Luke points out that Robin was suffering and didn’t turn to Anna for help. Anna wonders why Robin didn’t say anything and that maybe Robin learned not to lean on her own mother. Luke says Robin knew how strong and courageous Anna is. Maybe she didn’t want Anna prejudiced against Patrick if they got back together. Anna still doesn’t understand why Patrick betrayed her.

Anna says Robin would have hated her yelling at Patrick, especially on this day and that she needs to apologize to him, and tell him that he’s still family and that she’s there for him and Emma. She’s unsteady on her feet, so Luke tells Coleman to get her a coffee. Anna jokingly asks when Luke became an alcohol monitor and Luke says when he killed a four year old child.

Anna is shocked, so Luke explains about Jake. He says he has a hard time looking at the sign of Jake’s bar. Anna asks Coleman to take down a sign above the bar that advertises karaoke night at Jake’s and crumples it up for Luke. He jokes about the neon sign outside and then asks Coleman how much it would cost to change the name of the bar. Luke pulls out of a wad of cash, so Coleman agrees, and Luke says he wants the name changed to The Floating Rib. Luke and Anna toast to Robin.

Liz says Jason needs to forgive himself for being alive and that he would have gotten closure at the funeral. Jason asks her to tell him about it. Liz mentions giving a eulogy, along with Mac and Sonny. Jason asks about Patrick. Liz says he’s struggling. She says Robin is being cremated and how Emma doesn’t really understand what’s going on. Jason mentions that Jake died one year ago, tomorrow.

Sonny asks why Carly would say anything to Jason, since he’d just gotten out of surgery. Carly says she cares about Jason and knows he doesn’t like people making decisions for him. Sonny says it’s not her place. She says it isn’t her place regarding Johnny and Kate. Sonny wonders what she’s talking about, so Carly tells him that Kate went to Johnny’s and was harassing him. She tells Sonny to ask Kate about her secrets.

Sam demands to know who John is. He shows her his badge. She says he’s out of his jurisdiction and he mentions the victims being from there, and being close to Cole. She asks how he knows Sonny. John says it was long before Jason was working for him.

Sam says Jason just got out of surgery and wasn’t involved with the accident. John says he’s not coming after Jason. He offers to drive her somewhere, but she says she has her car and isn’t afraid of the dark. She wonders again if they haven’t met before. John says maybe in another life and that it’s nice to think there’s something else out there.

Liz says Jake used to love to come to the bridge and watch the water rush below. She feels closer to him there and that she misses him. Liz pulls old leaves from her pocket, saying Jake used to toss them in and ask if they’d make it to the ocean. Jason says he hopes Jake can hear them and feel how much they love him. He opens Liz’s hand and they watch the leaves fall.