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Sherri Shepherd Breaks Down While Discussing Texas Abortion Law on The View

The women of The View got fired up recently while discussing a new Texas law that requires women in the state to view an ultrasound, or hear a description of one, before they can legally obtain an abortion. Elisabeth Hasslebeck pondered why a woman wouldn't want to see an ultrasound, stating that with other medical procedures it is common for patients to be shown scans and/or X-rays prior to surgery being performed.


Barbara Walters contended that it was emotionally cruel to ask a woman, who has already made the choice to terminate her pregnancy, to then view an ultrasound. Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar co-signed Walters, with Goldberg attempting to explain to Hasslebeck the difference between a gall bladder and a fetus.

An emotional Sherri Shepherd, who has gone on record about having had several abortions in her youth, offered the point that there are those in society who don't want women to get birth control from places like Planned Parenthood; then they protest abortions, insisting women have children they aren't ready for; only to not want to offer anything in terms of social service and/or support, once these women have the kids they didn't want in the first place. Dicey, divisive, powerful stuff. Watch a clip after the jump!

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