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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Coleman’s not thrilled with the bar’s new name, but Luke’s determined to get the old sign down as quickly as possible. Lulu wonders why Luke’s in a bar today, of all days. He claims he wasn’t drunk that night and isn’t now. He explains about the name change. He has something to tell her and she won’t like it.

Olivia finds Liz at the hospital, looking for Steve. Turns out he’s been called back to Memphis on that old case. Olivia reassures Liz that it’s nothing to worry about, but to let Steve know she’s looking for him if he checks in. When Matt arrives, Liz asks about Maxie. Matt explains how she confessed to murder and asked to be put away. Liz asks if there is a way to prove that she didn’t. She assures him that all will be okay.

Anthony’s shocked to read the newspaper and find out that Maxie has confessed to killing Lisa. Johnny’s curious why Anthony would care. Anthony claims he’s met Maxie on occasion and likes her. Johnny points out that he posted guards on Maxie. Maxie helped plan Anthony’s wedding and he wonders what his grandfather is holding over her. Olivia comes knocking at the door.

After spending the night in a holding cell, Mac wonders if Maxie is ready to admit that she didn’t kill Lisa. However, Maxie assures him they’re all dead because of her. Mac decides to get her legal counsel. Spinelli offers to sit with her. He says he’s brought her stuff, like makeup, from home. Maxie isn’t interested, claiming she’s an awful person.

Anna finds Noah at the Scrubs house. He offers his condolences but then tears a strip off of her for what she said to Patrick. Noah says she should be leaning on Patrick, not ripping him apart and that he won’t allow it to continue. Patrick says it’s between him and Anna and asks his father to let them talk.

Jason gets home to find Sam on the phone, complaining to Alexis that he hasn’t arrived yet. Sam says she was worried. He says he went to the bridge and Liz showed up, because it was a spot for Jake. He reminds Sam that it’s been a year. Jason asks Sam would have kept Liz from him as well, that talk of Jake could have upset him. Sam says she wanted to him to heal before hearing bad news. She wonders what’s wrong with protecting him. Jason says she lied.

Sam says she’d do it again, because she knows he would have risked his life the minute he heard about the explosion. That would have meant Robin died for nothing. Jason says it should have been his choice and she should have told the truth after the procedure. He says Robin was his friend and everything good he has is because of her. He says Sam doesn’t get to decide what he can and can’t handle.

Sam says she waited every day for him to wake up and come back to her and the baby. She begs his forgiveness. Jason says she took away his power, but knows she was scared. Sam offers to go to her mother’s to give him space. However, Jason says not to, because he’s mostly angry at Robin for giving up her life for his. He can’t fix that. He says he knows she loves him and he loves her.

Lulu asks about Ethan and Luke tells her that he’s alive, but he’s not her brother. He explains what happened with Helena, Holly and that Robert is Ethan’s father. Lulu finds it hard to wrap her head around it all. Luke tells her not to bother since it’s all a lie.

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Luke admits that Ethan is still his son, but that Robert needed a lifeline and he gave him one. Lulu thinks Robert will hate him when he hears the truth. However, Luke would rather that than Robert dead. Lulu wonders why her father is confiding in her. He says he didn’t want her to think her brother had abandoned her, seeing as Nikolas and Lucky are both gone. Luke tells her that she can’t tell Dante the truth because Anna believes the lie and needs to continue to believe it.

Anna apologizes to Patrick. She admits she was disappointed Robin didn’t confide in her. Anna asks if Patrick loved Robin. He assures her that he did. She says she feels she failed Robin, but Patrick thinks Robin was trying to protect him from her parent’s wrath. He says robin knew how much her mother loved her.

Patrick asks how long Anna will be staying. She says she’d like to see Emma grow up a little and help him out. She says she’s glad that Lisa is dead and whoever killed her deserves a medal.

Spinelli wants Dante to disprove Maxie’s claims. Maxie assures them it happened as she said. She killed Lisa and that Anthony helped her cover it up. Dante says Anthony’s missing and won’t be able to corroborate that. Spin tells him he has to find Anthony.

Maxie claims she’s a murderer and wants Spinelli to see her for who she really is. Spinelli says he sees someone who’s lost so much that she doesn’t know where to put her pain. She is skilled at twisting the truth to her advantage. He wonders why she would have gone to Anthony for help when she knows Jason. Maxie doesn’t think Jason would have covered up a murder.

Maxie didn’t want Spin to think badly of her, but that she doesn’t care what Anthony thinks. Spin assures her that she isn’t a horrible person. She’s a force of nature, but never malicious. He asks if she killed Lisa. Maxie looks like she’s going to deny it, but his phone rings and distracts her. Mac returns with Alexis. Maxie refuses legal counsel, but Mac points out that she’s a prisoner. He’s going to make her sit there and talk to Alexis.

Maxie claims she has nothing to say, but Alexis says she’ll wait her out. Alexis says she can’t help Maxie if she doesn’t help her. She says Maxie will go to prison for a long time. Maxie says it’s what she deserves after what she’s done.

Olivia tells Johnny that she knows he’s hiding Anthony. She asks where he’s hiding. Dante shows up at the door, looking for Anthony to help with Maxie. Johnny claims he doesn’t know where his grandfather is. Olivia says to check the Quartermaines. Johnny accuses Dante of searching for Anthony for Sonny. After Dante leaves, Johnny asks why Olivia didn’t say anything. Olivia says she’ll keep her mouth shut about Anthony, if Johnny keeps his shut about Steve.

Matt finds Liz distracted. She mentions that she’s thinking of Jake and she went to his favorite place. She decides she needs to take a break and assures Matt that Maxie has great people helping her, including him.

Matt stops by Scrubs house and is glad to see Noah made it. Noah thanks him for letting him know about Robin and asks how Matt has been. Matt says his girlfriend has confessed to murder.

Lulu’s worried that Anna will hate Luke for sending Robert away before the funeral. She stops talking when Anna enters the bar. She says she’s looking for Luke, as Liz walks in behind her and asks to go first.

Jason asks if there have been any other signs from Franco, other than the DVD. Sam says no and doesn’t want to discuss Franco. Spinelli arrives and offers his condolences for Robin. He says that he’s found a clue on the DVD.