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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu assures Elizabeth that Luke isn’t drinking on this day.  Liz says she didn’t come to fight, but to say thank you.  She received a letter from Luke, along with documents for a Jake Spencer Memorial Fund.  She sees the sign for The Floating Rib. Luke feels it wasn’t appropriate to have a giant sign remembering Jake.  Liz feels the trust fund was thoughtful.  Luke swears he wasn’t buying her forgiveness.  Lulu’s proud of her father. 

Spinelli says the DVD footage wasn’t tampered with, but the clip was specifically chosen.  Spin wonders why they don’t just let the DVD stuff die with Franco. Jason feels there’s a reason to everything.  Spin says the ID code is from Our Lady Mercy Hospital in New York City.  He’s distracted and tells them Maxie is in trouble. 

Johnny points out Steven is a murderer, but Olivia says he was trying to save someone and will deal with his faith.  She tells him that his deal with Steven is over or she’ll give up Anthony.  Johnny says Anthony isn’t wanted for a crime. However, Olivia feels he is, since he left the scene of an accident that killed two people.  She accuses Johnny of aiding and abetting and wants Johnny to back off Steve. 

McBain shows up at the Q mansion, looking for Tracy.  Alice lies to protect Tracy. However, Tracy herself walks in.  John says he’s looking for Anthony, but Tracy lies and says she hasn’t seen him.  He mentions knowing the victims of the accident.  Tracy says she wouldn’t defend her husband, but knows he wasn’t responsible. 

Sonny wants all contact with Dante to be through his lawyer. Dante says he didn’t call him down as a cop, but as his son.  Sonny says he doesn’t want Dante to be compromised or resentful. Dante wants to give him the heads up that McBain is sniffing around. 

Dante wonders if their connection goes back to when McBain was FBI and Sonny was money laundering.  Sonny says John couldn’t make it stick and he’s bitter.  Dante warns him that McBain is holding a serious grudge.  Sonny swears he didn’t cause the accident.  Dante wants to help, but Sonny doesn’t want to complicate things.  Dante wonders who his father is trying to protect. Sonny says both of them and the relationship they might have. 

Anna commends Luke for taking responsibility and making the trust fund for Jake.  Luke says it won’t bring the boy back.  Anna says she’s staying around for Emma and then blames Holly for lying to Luke about Ethan.  She knows the choices she made with Robin cost her. 

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Lulu tracks Liz down at the hospital, to thank her for being nice to Luke.  She asks what Liz knows about Maxie’s arrest.  Liz tells her about Maxie working with Anthony.  Lulu doesn’t think Maxie is capable of murdering Lisa. Liz says she doesn’t want to believe that Maxie would kill anyone.

Johnny’s mad that he’s going to lose his connection with Steve.  Anthony says they can still use Kate, since she’s already motivated to wreck Sonny.  Johnny says not everything is about Sonny.  Anthony realizes Johnny had something good with Steve and decides to fix things. 

McBain wants Anthony to come forward and ID Sonny as the shooter, so he can put him away.  Tracy realizes there’s a past relationship there and claims she’s not one to protect Sonny.  John asks again where Anthony is.  Tracy remembers finding him at Johnny’s. However, Anthony threatened her with the SCC, so she lies and says she doesn’t know.  John calls her out on being a mob wife and brings up Gino Solito. Tracy has enough and Alice escorts John out, but not before he flirts it up with her.  Alice tells Tracy to turn Anthony in, so that Luke can move back in. However, Tracy’s not interested.

Spinelli tells Sam about Maxie.  Sam doesn’t believe Maxie capable of murder. Spin says he’s determined to find the truth.  Spinelli goes to the hospital to ask Liz’ help in proving Maxie didn’t kill Lisa. 

Sonny meets with Jason, happy to see him back on his feet.  The two commiserate about Robin. Jason says he needs to get past Sam lying to him.  Sonny’s happy about the baby. Jason assures him it won’t get in the way of the job.  Sonny swears he didn’t cause the accident. Jason believes him.  He goes over the shooting.  Sonny thinks Johnny planted the gun in Kate’s office.  Jason says he’ll look into it, but Sonny wants him to handle John McBain. 

Anna questions Luke’s taste in women, namely Tracy.  He reminds her of Duke.  She points out that he seems less self destructive and that he did a good thing with the charitable foundation.  Luke thinks no good deed goes unpunished.  Anna wonders how much money Luke has left. She offers him a loan, but he doesn’t want it. He assures her that he’s fine.  She grateful that he’s been there for her at this time. She couldn’t have done it without him.  She reaches for his hand, as Tracy shows up and sees. 

Lulu tells Dante about the trust fund.   Olivia shows up to let Dante know that her business with Johnny is done.  Dante wonders what that’s about. He thinks he needs to talk to Johnny again, since he needs to find Anthony.  Anthony shows up at the station. 

Sonny shows up at Johnny’s, saying they need a chat. 

Sam tells Jason she’ll follow up on the hospital lead, but he’s not interested.  He goes upstairs to get his cell phone. John McBain shows up at the door. 

Wow, when these writers decide to redeem a character, they go all out.  A trust fund in Jake’s name?  With the money Luke got for selling out Johnny?  Interesting.