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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Jack Sues Genevieve!

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Jack/Genevieve: Hell hath no fury like Old Smilin' Jack scorned! Jack hauls Genaura into court for fraud, due to her purchase of Beauty of Nature. The former mob wife is stunned her ex- fiancé is taking her to court. In the end she decides to pitch a deal. Jack is interested, but Genevieve's plan has a huge condition. Ashley and Nikki discover Jack's pact with Genevieve and try to stop him from going along with it. Will he listen?


Victoria: She and Chelsea butt heads. Later,she and her father have a heated showdown.

Nick/Sharon/Adam/Chelsea:  As the exes are going over Newman business at the GCAC,  Sharon spots Adam and Chelsea getting a bit too chummy for Sharon's liking (For real, girl?!). Snapping out of her jealousy, Sharon recommends to Nick that the two of them go on a business trip for Newman Enterprises. Don't break out the champagne just yet "Shick" fans — it's strictly business for these two right now. Later, Nick is impressed when Sharon's business acumen during an important meeting leads to a huge deal for the company.

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When  Adam gets wind of the former high school sweethearts going off on their trip, he decides to drop a line to Phyllis. Don't look for Red to be all that thriled. 

Victor/Jill: The one time lovers have an explosive showdown over the picture Jill snapped of Victor and Genevieve.

Cane/Genevieve:  The newbie cosmetic's queen isn't trying to hear any more of her apologies.

Daniel/Lucy/Daisy: The artist faces an uphill battle in regards to getting custody of Lucy.

Neil/Devon: Their father/son dynamic may suffer because of a new business venture for Neil.

Angelina: Say deuces to the singing mob princess, as Diana Degarmo is exiting Y&R.