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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Patrick’s on the phone receiving condolences from Brenda.  There’s a knock on the door and a delivery man hands him a box containing Robin’s ashes.  Emma overhears Patrick say that Robin is in the box and is confused by this.  Patrick assures her that it’s just a few things that Mommy had to leave behind on her way to heaven. 

Kate’s calling out to Maxie, when Carly shows up. Carly points out that Maxie’s in lock up and wants to know why Kate went to see Johnny.  Kate, of course, doesn’t remember seeing Johnny, but covers. She asks what concern it is of Carly’s.  She’s not happy that Carly told Sonny.  Carly says it makes Sonny look weak to have his girlfriend defend him.  

Sonny wants to talk to Johnny about Kate and to stay away from her.  Johnny says Kate came to him. He has an alibi for the night of the car accident, namely Carly.  Sonny blames Anthony for the accident and to leave Kate alone.  Johnny says Kate came to see him and offered him sex, but he turned her down. 

Dante accuses Anthony of fleeing the scene of an accident. Anthony says he feared for his life, since Sonny tried to kill him.  He recounts how the accident happened and says he wants protection from Sonny.  Dante asks if he has proof, since there’s nothing tying Sonny to the gun. Anthony claims he saw Sonny.    

McBain says he’s there to talk to Jason.  He mentions the accident and being close to the victims.  Jason says he was in the hospital. John asks about Jason’s sense of decency.  He knows Jason works for Sonny, fixing things. He asks if Sonny mentioned him.  He warns Jason that if Sonny sent him after McBain, to stay out of it.  John doesn’t understand Jason’s loyalty to Sonny.  Sam’s upset that John said he wouldn’t go after Jason and Jason’s shocked to hear they’ve met already.   

Liz explains to Ewen about Maxie’s breakdown and how Spinelli wants her help in clearing Maxie’s name, by asking if she remembers anything from the boat.  Liz says she doesn’t even know who pulled her out of the water, so Ewen admits it was him.  He feels it was awkward explaining that to her.  Liz complains that people thought she was making it up or was crazy. However, ultimately she forgives him, since he saved her life. She asks if he saw anything about the party boat, but he claims he didn’t.   Liz gets a call from Patrick to come over right away. 

Kate calls Ewen. She feels that something is very wrong and needs to see him.  He offers to see her at the hospital.  She tells him the blackouts are getting longer. She doesn’t remember going to see Johnny or texting Sonny. She wonders what else she’s done.  Ewen says he needs to speak with Connie, to fill in the blanks. He offers to hypnotize her to let Connie out. Kate agrees, so Ewen goes through the process.  Kate opens her eyes and “Connie” is there. 

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Patrick explains to Liz about receiving the package and not knowing how to explain things to Emma.  Liz says not to tell Emma more than she’s actually asking and to bring the urn to a place that was just about the two of them

Liz sits with Emma and explains that Robin left them behind, but that she’s there when Emma is sad or happy.  Emma asks if daddy can feel mommy, and Liz assures her that he can.

Sam explains them meeting at the church.  John says he was looking for Sonny, but its good Jason has an alibi.  Jason tells him to find someone else with a motive to kill Anthony and not to use the case to work out his history with Sonny.  John congratulates them on the baby, before heading out. 

Jason’s not happy that Sam talked to a cop about them, but she swears she ended it as soon as she knew the truth.  She wants to go to New York to look into the DVD.  She swears that if it’s a dead end she’ll walk away.  Jason makes her promise to take of herself and the baby. 

Carly lets herself into Kate’s office, while she’s gone and snoops around.  She finds the lipstick and Ewen’s card.  McBain catches her in the act of trying to break into Kate’s desk.  Carly claims she owns the hotel but he points out that its Kate’s office and that he’ll tell Kate, unless Carly talks to him. 

Dante says the road was pitch black and doesn’t believe Anthony actually saw Sonny driving the car.  Dante asks where Anthony was the night he was shot in the warehouse, or the night in the garage.  He figures he can say that he saw Anthony that night.  Anthony decides to leave, but Dante says he’s under arrest for murder; the one Maxie implicated him in. 

Sonny doesn’t believe Johnny’s story. He asks why Kate would sleep with low life garbage.  Johnny points out that Carly did, but Sonny no longer cares who Carly sleeps with.  Sonny makes a few remarks about Claudia. Johnny gets tired of playing the game and tells him to leave.  Sonny warns him again to leave Kate alone.  After he’s gone, Johnny calls someone and tells them if their offer is still on the table, he’s in.  He wants Sonny to get what he deserves. 

Patrick ends up on the grounds of the house they were going to build.  He has the urn, but he doesn’t understand how all of this can be over.  He can’t believe Robin is dead because it doesn’t feel like she’s gone.

Robin is seen lying in a hospital bed.