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Deadline is Hearing ABC is "Losing Faith" in The Revolution


Even the hottest entertainment blog around is weighing in on the utter ratings disaster that has been ABC Daytime's The Revolution. Deadline has a new post up detailing the talk show's record low ratings, and how said ratings, coupled with concerns about a proper lead-in for Katie, have General Hospital looking better in the network's eyes these days.

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Of course readers who follow Marc Berman's TV Media Insights, Michael Logan's TV Guide coverage of soaps and/or this blog already knew all of that. However, it's nice to see Deadline summarizing what a mess ABC has made of its daypart.

Will The Revolution flopping, GH being on a creative upswing and the latter having spiked in the Nielsens a few weeks ago, be enough to keep ABC's last remaining sudser on the air for another year? We should know in a couple of weeks. 

Photo credit: ABC