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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly’s not worried about McBain. He’s out of his jurisdiction, but he threatens to hold her until PCPD show up, unless she answers questions for him.  Carly figures he has a grudge against Sonny and vice versa.  Sonny shows, up wondering what they’re doing in Kate’s office.  Carly says she needed a signature for something. John says he wanted to talk to Kate about the gun found in her office. 

Ewen asks what Connie wants with Kate.  Connie’s upset that Kate left her life behind, as though she was embarrassed, and she wants to make Kate remember. She says she wants to end things with Sonny, to protect Kate.  Ewen wonders how she plans on doing that. Connie doesn’t say.  Connie comes onto Ewen, who turns her down.  Ewen asks how the gun got in Kate’s office. 

Anna gets home. Liz explains that Patrick went to scatter the ashes.  Anna says it’s not right to outlive your children, something Liz knows all about.   Liz says it’s been a year and it doesn’t get easier.  Anna mentions Luke taking down the sign at the bar. It’s something Liz seems grateful for.  She says everything reminds her of Jake. She has to keep going for Cam and Aiden.  Anna agrees she needs to be there for Emma.  

Patrick holds the urn and says he doesn’t know how to say goodbye to Robin.  He feels he’ll see her again. If he reaches out, he’ll be able to touch her.  Patrick opens the urn, crying, but falls to the ground.  He gathers himself and dumps her ashes.  He says he’ll always love her, wherever she is.  He leaves the urn there. 

Robin wakes up, and wonders what’s going on and where she is.  She gets out of bed and weakly falls to the floor. She drags herself to the door, finds it locked and pounds on it.  A nurse opens the door and tells her to get back into bed.  Robin wants to know where Patrick and Emma are.  She wonders what happened. Did someone got her out before the explosion.  The nurse gives her a sedative. 

Ronnie overhears Lulu and Dante talking about Delores possibly tampering with evidence.  Dante goes over what happened with the photos. Ronnie thinks Delores may be protecting her husband.  Dante says they’ve never met the husband. Ronnie says it’s very similar to domestic violence cases, but Lulu doesn’t think Delores is the type.  Ronnie wonders if the husband is the stripper attacker. 

Johnny’s waiting for Connie to call him back when Delores shows up at his door.  She wants his help in finding her sister’s killer.  Johnny says he wants to know about Sonny’s case, if there is evidence or witnesses.  Delores mentions the gun found and promises to be in touch.   

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Sonny tells McBain Kate had nothing to do with the gun and blames Johnny.  John asks if he has proof. Sonny says Johnny blames him for stuff. He hates his grandfather, shot out the tires and blamed Sonny.  John says he still wants to talk to Kate.  Sonny tells him to leave Port Charles or he’ll regret staying. 

After Sonny leaves, Carly tells John that Johnny was with her all night and couldn’t have been the shooter. She feels whoever caused the accident should pay.  Carly swears again that Johnny was with her.  John asks if Sonny has ever lied to her and if she thinks Sonny is lying now.  As he’s leaving, John gets a call from Blair that Starr is missing. 

Anna says she wishes Robert were here. Liz thinks it was too painful for him.  Anna says both she and Robert think they should have been able to save Robin, with all their experience.  She feels it would be easier if Robin were stuck somewhere. She could save her.  Liz says the death of a child doesn’t always bring the parents closer. She explains Lucky living his life in Ireland and how she’s moving on.  She mentions getting attention from both Matt and Ewen. However, Matt’s taken and she thinks of Ewen only as a friend.  When Patrick returns, Anna tells him that scattering the ashes at the site of the house, was a good idea. 

Connie says Kate doesn’t do guns. People who get around Sonny tend to get hurt.  Ewen asks her again if she knows anything about the gun.  Sonny shows up.  Ewen says they’re in the middle of a session.  Connie snaps back into Kate, who assures Sonny she’ll be done soon. 

Kate asks Ewen what happened. He tells her that Connie wants Sonny out of her life and that she has a plan.  Kate wonders why she doesn’t know what Connie is up to and wants to get rid of her.  Ewen offers to schedule another appointment for her and to send her a copy of the tape recording.   

Sonny apologizes for walking in on the session.  Kate wonders how he knew where she was. Sonny mentions Carly and McBain being in her office.  Kate’s not happy with that and calls to have her locks changed. 

Carly shows up at Johnny’s and he claims she’s the one person he wanted to see, and they start to kiss.

Patrick’s watching video of Robin and Emma from Christmas.  He says he can still feel her and hopes she’ll always be with him.

Someone shows up at Robin’s door and the nurse lets them know that Robin was asking questions, but that she doesn’t know that “they” are behind this.