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The Revolution's EP: "I Didn't Know This Was Going To Replace The Soaps"

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The Revolution is working overtime to repair the damage its dismal ratings have caused ABC Daytime's lineup. The lifestyle show's executive producer JD Roth spoke with TV Guide to plead his show's case. Peep this snippet:


What's the worst thing anyone has said?

"I can't believe they took my favorite soap opera off the air for this." I want to change that and empower people to feel good about what they're doing. I know that sounds Pollyanna, but I really believe it.

What do you say to the soap fans?

I did not kill Erica Kane. I have a lot of respect for the art of the soap opera and the storytelling. But remember, I make TV shows, I don't program them. I didn't know this was going to replace the soaps until — and this is no exaggeration — five minutes before the press release went out.

Actually Roth is right. He didn't kill Erica Kane. He killed Viki Lord, but I digress. Soap fans get buck when it comes to their shows! 

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