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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Alexis lets Mac know that she’ll be working both Sonny and Maxie’s cases. Maxie’s would be better if she’d cooperate, but she’s determined to go down for Lisa’s murder.  Mac wants Alexis to convince Maxie just how bad things are.  Matt wants someone to tell her that it’s not what Robin would want.  Spinelli and Matt both decide they’ll be the one to talk to Maxie. 

Maxie wakes up in her cell, to find Anthony in the one across from her.  He blames her and claims they had a deal.  Maxie apologizes, saying it all just slipped out.  She says she’s where she belongs and that she needs him to back her up. 

Luke is surprised when Tracy shows up at his hotel room.  Tracy’s angry that she saw him fawning over Anna at Jake’s.  Luke mentions paying for a name change. He swears there’s nothing between him and Anna.  Anna lets herself into the suite with her suitcase. 

Sonny shows up at Michael’s.  Michael complains about his heavy school work load, so Sonny offers to get him a tutor. Michael turns him down.  Now that he’s going to trial Sonny has a favor. He wants Michael to break off all contact with Starr.  Sonny feels Michael will be called as a witness, since he was at the scene. Despite whatever compassion Michael feels for Starr, she blames Sonny for something he didn’t do.  Michael agrees to stay away from Starr. 

McBain finds Starr at the airport.  He tries to convince her to go back home, but Starr has decided she’s not going back. She needs to testify at the trial.  John assures her that the prosecution will contact her if they need to. He figures she wants to go after Sonny herself.  He says she needs time. Her family needs to help her. Starr insists she’s not going home and storms off. 

Sam’s getting ready to head to New York, to look into the DVD.  Jason says he’s going to help Sonny.  Sam questions whether Sonny is innocent or not.  Jason swears Sonny would admit if he’d accidentally killed a child. However, Sam feels that’s what Jason would do.  She reminds him that Sonny sabotaged Jax’s plane and shot out Robin’s house. Maybe Jason just wants to believe no matter what. 

Jason thinks that Sonny isn’t a good enough shot to have gotten two tires, in the dark, with his shot arm.  Jason says Sonny wouldn’t have left the gun in Kate’s office. He would have disposed of it. Sam feels that’s what a rational Jason would have done, not emotional Sonny. 

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Jason wonders if Sam wants Sonny to be guilty. Sam says she has wondered what it would be like if Sonny was sent away. Jason would be free. They would be free. Things would be safer for them if Jason wasn’t always cleaning up Sonny’s messes.  Jason reminds her that this is what he does.  She says things are different now; they need to provide the safest, best life for their child.  Sonny arrives, so Sam leaves for her trip.

Sonny questions things with JaSam. Jason tells him that Sam spoke with McBain at the church. However, she shut things down once she knew he was a cop.  Jason thinks John got under Sam’s skin.  Sonny asks if Sam thinks he caused the accident. Jason reassures him that she’ll know the truth when they find the real shooter.  He has a file on McBain and thinks John will be a big problem.  Sonny asks where John is vulnerable. Jason says his family. 

Tracy offers Anna her condolences. Anna says she’s giving Patrick some space.  Anna apparently has the wrong room. Before she can leave to find hers, Luke offers his suite to her. He  tells her that there are two bedrooms and that she shouldn’t’ be alone right now.  Tracy thinks Luke is taking advantage of Anna in her grief. Anna decides it’s a good idea. Tracy storms off, but not before telling Anna that she was warned. 

Anna wonders if she should go to her own room, since Tracy isn’t happy. Luke feels that Tracy is jealous and he loves the challenge.  Anna says they’ll get on each other’s nerves. Luke laughingly agrees. 

Matt and Spinelli argue who should be the one to talk to Maxie. Spin gets angry and jumps on Matt. The two fight until Mac breaks them up.  A uniformed cop lets Mac know that Anthony’s down in holding with Maxie. Mac heads down to the holding cell to get her. 

Maxie feels she needs to pay for killing Robin. She asks Anthony to say that she told him she killed Lisa, or to say that he saw her kill Lisa.  Anthony points out that that would be accessory after the fact.  Anthony wonders why she’s doing this. Maxie says again that Robin is dead because of her. If she won’t pay for that then she’ll pay for Lisa.  Anthony warns her not to point the finger at him or else.  He has an idea for what she can say. 

Tracy stops by to see Anthony.  She offers to bail him out, if he signs divorce papers. However, Anthony thinks he’ll get released soon enough.

Mac brings Maxie back to the main room. She says she’s been lying to them all.  Maxie says she lied about Anthony’s involvement. She did it all by herself. She killed Lisa and the first officer and she can prove it.

As McBain is leaving the airport, he runs into Sam. She is arriving for her flight.  Sam wonders if he’s following her. He turns it back on her and asks if she’s following him.  Sam asks if he’s leaving. John says he has unfinished business with Sonny.  He swears he’s good guy. Sam says Jason is also.  John asks about Sonny. Sam says she’s not going to talk about him. She asks John to stay away from Jason.  John thinks its sweet how she looks out for Jason.  She says she’s also looking out for him. 

John lets Blair know that he lost Starr. However, he has an idea where she’s going. Starr shows up at Michael’s door and says she had nowhere else to go.