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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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In bed, Carly brings up the subject of finding lipstick on Johnny’s shirt. She thinks it looked like Kate’s color.  Johnny assures her she’s the only one for him and that Kate is not his type. However, he’d love to mess with Sonny.  Carly tells him not to give Sonny that much power.  She decides she needs to go home and be a mom. 

Kate hears the voice message from Johnny. She is worried about what he and Connie have in store for Sonny.  She wants Ewen’s help in getting rid of Connie or at least find out what Connie has in mind.  Kate calls Johnny, pretending to be Connie. She asks to get together to discuss playing Sonny. Ewen warns her that she needs to tell Sonny about Connie. However, Kate can’t handle that. 

Jason shows Sonny a picture of McBain’s wife and son. Sonny claims he’d never go after a wife and mother. If his enemies know that McBain’s coming after him, it would be easy for them to go after the family and frame Sonny for it.  He doesn’t want anything to happen to them.  Jason says there’s no way to warn McBain. He asks why McBain hates Sonny so much. 

Michael’s s surprised to find Starr at his door. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea for her to be there, since Sonny wants them apart.  Starr says she didn’t come to give him a hard time, but she had no one else to talk to.  Starr says she can usually talk to her father. However, he’s busy with his own murder trial now and her mother is walking on egg shells around her. 

The two talk about Abby, until McBain shows up looking for Starr. She begs Michael to hide her.  Michael says he hasn’t seen Starr since the courthouse.  McBain says Starr shouldn’t be hanging out with Sonny’s son. If Michael tries to get her to change her testimony, he’ll charge him with obstruction.  Starr comes out of hiding and tells John to back off.  John wants her to go home, but Starr says she’s an adult and she’s staying. John says to call if she needs him.  Michael assures Starr that he wants to find the truth. 

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Sonny explains his history with McBain. He says he outmaneuvered McBain and it got personal.  Jason feels it’s a long time to hold a grudge. There must be more to it.  Carly shows up and is angry with Sonny for expecting Jason to work, so soon.  Sonny calls her out for telling Jason about Robin.  Carly says he should get Max, Bernie or himself to do his dirty work.  Jason breaks up the fighting. He says the trial will start soon and they need to figure out who’s setting up Sonny.

Sonny says Carly is sleeping with the enemy and that she’s met with McBain.  Carly says they met by accident.  Sonny says Jason knows he’s innocent, but does Carly.  Carly says he’s capable of shooting Anthony’s tires. A year ago she wouldn’t have thought he was capable of killing a child and covering it up. Now she doesn’t know, considering what he did to Jax and Robin.  She wants to believe he’s innocent but can’t trust that he is. 

Sonny says he wouldn’t have left the gun in Kate’s office.  Carly swears it wasn’t Johnny. She knows he didn’t do it.  Sonny accuses her again of sleeping with the enemy and storms off.

Johnny shows up at Crimson. Kate pretends she’s Connie and fishes around to see what she and Johnny have in store for Sonny.  Johnny says he and Carly are seeing each other. He doesn’t want to mess that up.  He wonders if he’s talking to Kate or Connie. Kate assures him she’s Connie.  He asks who Ewen was. Kate says it’s her shrink.  Johnny asks if Kate knows about Connie. Kate wants to talk about what they’re going to do with Sonny.  Johnny decides to take a pass and says he’s out.  Kate tells Ewen and continues to worry that she doesn’t know what Connie has planned. 

Spinelli argues that Maxie isn’t capable of killing Lisa. Mac doesn’t believe Maxie capable of killing anyone in cold blood. Maxie says she’s quite a capable person, having been running Crimson for months.  Alexis reminds her that anything she says can be used against her.  Maxie says she killed Lisa, then framed the first mate and killed her. She insists Anthony had nothing to do with it.  Mac asks what she and Anthony were talking about. He doesn’t believe Anthony is innocent. 

Alexis tells Mac that Maxie is clearly distraught. She’s going to make things worse.  Mac says he’s already lost Georgie and Robin. He refuses to lose Maxie too.  Maxie says Georgie and Robin were good people, but that she isn’t. She’s a murderer. Alexis tells her to stop thinking of herself and to think of Mac, and the ordeal of a trial. Maxie says she’ll plead guilty and there won’t be a trial. It’s all easy to prove with one phone call. 

Mac makes his call and returns with a Mr. Balls.  He says they found a hand written suicide note from the first mate.  Mr. Balls admits to writing it for a price.  Mac has Anthony brought up from the cell.  He asks Mr. Balls who paid him to write the note. The man points the finger at Maxie, not Anthony.  Anthony asks to be released.  Spinelli accuses him of lying and messing with Maxie.  Anthony warns him not to cross him again. 

Matt tells Maxie that she has to stop this. The real killer is still out there.  Maxie tells Mac to arrest her.  Mac says he has to call the DA. Spinelli wants him to take some time.  Mac reads Maxie her rights and places her under arrest for murder.