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New Record Low Ratings For The Revolution; The Chew Continues to Slide

I hope whoever did all that snazzy research for Sweeney and Fronsie, about what people with girl parts between their legs (and betwixt 18-49 and 18-34) wanna watch in the daytime— as opposed to soaps— gets a great, big ol' bonus. Ha ha ha! I kid. I'm Southern; it's our way. TV Media Insights is reporting massive ratings dips for both The Revolution and The Chew for the week of March 19.

The Chew fell to just 2.04 million viewers the week in question; that's 230,000 less viewers than watched All My Children in the same timeslot a year ago. The Chew was also off AMC's demo numbers by 25 percent among women 18-49 and W18-34 respectively.


The Revolution hit a new record low the week of March 19. ABC Daytime's weakest link was only watched by 1.32 million viewers. Almost 1.2 million additional people were watching One Life to Live in the same timeslot a year ago. The Revolution lost 44 percent of OLTL's numbers among W18-49 and a whopping 60 percent among W18-34. 

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Considering General Hospital was watched by 2.24 million people, and was a full three-tenths of a point ahead of The Revolution in the most coveted W18-49 demo the same week, I think ABC Daytime's decision on which show to keep come Fall 2012 is pretty clear.

In other network chat news, The View had 2.63 million viewers, while The Talk garnered 1.96 million pairs of eyeballs and a 0.7 among W18-49.