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What Havoc Will Heather Grant Webber Wreak on The Lives of General Hospital's Jason and Steve?

One of Port Charles' most notorious bad girls is back! Multi-soap vet Robin Mattson has returned to General Hospital as the malevolent Heather Grant Webber and fans and critics alike can't help but wonder, what will Heather do this time? For a character whose list of crimes include drugging a rival with LSD and selling her own baby on the black market, there isn't much you can put past Heather!


The unstable vixen's last visit to town in 2004 irked classic GH fans, who wondered why she was suddenly obsessed with Luke Spencer (Tony Geary) and trying to wed Edward Quartermaine (then Jed Allan), courtesy of a history rewrite. SPOILERS for this stint have Heather heavily involved with two of her family ties in Port Charles — her son Steven Lars (Scott Reeves) and her second cousin (Or first cousin once removed, for those not from the South!) Jason (Steve Burton).

Look for Heather to contact Steve and attempts to make nice, all the while trying to get sprung from the funny farm. Meanwhile, SuperJase has been receiving cryptic, video clues from a supposedly dead Franco (James Franco), clues that tie back to Jason's birth and his bio mom Susan Moore, Heather's cuz. Will Heather finally explain why the kooky, artsy serial killer targeted Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco)?

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Then there's the pickle Doc Steve currently finds himself in with Johnny Zacchara (Brandon Barash), thanks to the mob prince knowing he offed a patient on purpose back in Memphis. Nothing like a sociopathic mama to help get the cement boot fitters off your back!

I wonder how Heather will take to Steve's main squeeze Olivia (Lisa LoCicero)? Liv is no shrinking violet, but having all her marbles firmly intact leaves her at quite the disadvantage (Maybe Liv should ask her cousin Connie to protect her?). Whichever  path Heather goes down in PC, the possibilities for soapy drama are endless!

What do you think Heather Webber will do in Port Charles?