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Will Caroline's Namesake Niece Bring Up Bittersweet Memories For Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful?


It may be hard for soap fans, forever locked in the Brooke and Ridge vs. Brooke and Taylor debate, to recall there was once another great love of the Forrestor fashion scion's life. When The Bold and the Beautiful began 25 years ago, Ridge Forrester (Ron Moss) only had eyes for publishing princess Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson). Okay, his eyes may have belonged to Caroline, but he was perfectly okay to share other body parts with nubile young fashion models, which resulted in Caroline passing out on the way  to the altar and later taking up with his baby brother Thorne (then Clayton Norcross)!

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While Ridge and Caroline eventually found their way back together—despite the best efforts of Thorne, Caroline's dad Bill Spencer (Jim Storm) and a caterer's daughter named Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang)— their happiness was short-lived. Caroline succumbed to leukemia in 1990, her dying wish being that her frenemy Brooke end up with Ridge. Too bad Caroline's physician Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo), nor Ridge's meddling mama Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery) got the memo!

Caroline's death set the stage for the central triangle that drove B&B for well over two decades. Now the soap is in the process of passing the torch onto a new generation of Forresters, Spencers and Logans. It's only fitting that a young, blonde woman named Caroline be apart of that process.

This past week, Joanna Johnson reprised the role of Caroline's twin sister Karen, who brought her daughter, also named Caroline (Linsey Godfrey), to town to apply for a position with Forrester Creations. Will this Caroline drive Ridge's son Thomas (Adam Gregory) and his stepbrother Rick (Jacob Young) to fits of jealousy similar to the ones Caroline 1.0 inspired in Thorne and Ridge? If so, someone better make sure to lock the Forrester family gun cabinet!

Look for Caroline, Jr. and Ridge to bond over her aunt next week on B&B. Are you excited about a new addition with a familiar moniker arriving in town? Sound off in the comments!