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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Jason wants to know how certain Carly is that Johnny didn’t frame Sonny. She changes the subject to Sam. Jason says Sam is gone. Carly assumes that means they’ve split up. However, Jason says they’re fine and Sam’s in New York.  Carly says Sam is clingy and insecure. Jason says they worked it out and turns the attention back to Johnny.

Johnny wonders how Anthony got released so quickly. He says the charges were dropped. Now Olivia has nothing to hold over him.  Anthony still wants Johnny to hook up with Kate and to stop the fling with Carly.  Johnny says it’s not a fling; it’s something real. Kate will need to find a different way to get to Sonny. 

Ewen’s giving Dante and Ronnie more profile on the strangler. He says he has military experience and doesn’t like law enforcement. The person is threatened by strong women.  Ronnie is sure it’s Delores husband.  Lulu keeps Delores distracted, while the guys are picking Ewen’s brain. 

Kate’s gotten her locks changed, to ward off Carly.  Sonny complains Carly doesn’t believe he’s innocent. Johnny has motive to frame him.  Kate asks if there’s something going on between Carly and Johnny. Sonny wants to know if there’s something going on between Kate and Johnny. He says she went to see him.  Kate admits that she did. She wanted Johnny to back off.  Sonny doesn’t want her anywhere near Johnny. He says to let him know if Johnny comes near her again. 

Olivia’s thrilled that Steve is back from Memphis.  He tells her that he answered their questions. They seemed satisfied, but still has the threat of Johnny over his head.  Olivia says she’s holding Anthony over Johnny’s head, so not to worry.  Steve isn’t happy that she got involved. 

Back at the hospital, Ewen asks if Liz has been to see Maxie. Liz reminds him they aren’t friends.  Liz doesn’t think Maxie is capable of murder.  Ewen gets a call from Alexis, telling him that Cassandra is dead. Ewen is shocked and upset that he couldn’t help her or save her.  Liz says they sometimes lose patients but they help a lot as well. 

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Kate wonders if Johnny didn’t frame Sonny. Sonny figures Johnny is the only one who would.  Kate wants him to be careful.  When Sonny gets a call, she calls Ewen and asks if it’s possible that Connie had the gun and left it in the office.  Kate wants to know all that Connie knows. Ewen says he’ll set up another appointment for her.  Ewen apologizes to Liz for dumping his problems on her. He asks her out on a real date. 

Kate tells Sonny that she believes he’s innocent. She’ll be there for him.  He says he couldn’t go through this if they weren’t on solid ground.  She tells him she loves him and no one will get in their way. 

Delores questions the guys.  Ronnie claims they may have a lead. She says they need to stop the guy before storming off.  Lulu doesn’t like being suspicious of Delores.  Dante doesn’t think she’d protect someone who would hurt women.  When Delores comes back, she asks about Dante’s testimony. They talk about the evidence against Sonny.  Dante says he wants the truth.

Anthony thinks Kate is the best chance to hurt Sonny. Johnny thinks the courts will do their job and mentions having a cop in his pocket.  When Anthony presses, Johnny gets angry and tells him to butt out.  He wants Anthony to move out.  Anthony thinks it’s because of Carly, and warns Johnny to keep a clear head to stay on top.

Carly says Sonny is paranoid and explains to Jason what happened at the benefit and that she went after Johnny.  She tells him she went back to Johnny’s place, that Sonny showed up. Dante dragged Sonny away. She spent the night with Johnny, so she knows he didn’t plant the gun.  Jason tells her that she has to end it with Johnny. She’ll be stuck in the middle and it won’t be good for the kids.

Johnny finds Steven and Olivia at the hospital. He is ready to continue his association with Steven.  Olivia reminds him that she knows about Anthony. Johnny points out that Anthony turned himself in. He is no longer her leverage. Johnny threatens that the Memphis board can reopen the case any time, if Steven doesn’t do as he asks.  Steve promises Olivia that he’ll find a way out.  

Dante feels Sonny is not careless enough to leave a gun at Kate’s office.  He tells Lulu that they should set up an undercover operation to catch the stalker.  He gets a call that his testimony will be taken on the first day. He tells Lulu that something isn’t adding up. 

Delores sends Johnny a text of the latest evidence against Sonny.  Carly shows up and tells Johnny that Jason doesn’t want her to see him anymore. However, since he’s not listening to her about Sam, she isn’t listening to him about Johnny. The two start making out. 

Sam’s asking the record’s clerk for the information on Jason’s birth. The woman gives her records. Sam notices a page missing and asks about it. The woman doesn’t have the page, but Sam asks if there was information about who Susan’s birth partner was.  The woman finds that information and gives it to Sam. Sam seems surprised by the information.   Sam calls Steve and asks him if he knows where his mother is, since her name is listed on the birth paper.