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The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Will Jack Accept Genevieve's Indecent Proposal?


Adam/Chelsea/Billy/Victoria: The Newman black sheep attempts to save the gold digger and her meal ticket: Billy's baby. Adam's involvement with Chelsea and her baby will have huge ramifications for Billy and Victoria.

Jack/Genevieve: After realizing running her own cosmetics company isn't what she thought it would be, Genaura Genevieve heads off to see Jack. She makes him a tantalizing offer: she'll sell BON to Jack, if he decides to give their relationship another try! Will Jack take the bait?

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Victor/Victoria: Mr. Mumbles learns Genevieve is starting to have second thoughts about running Beauty of Nature and starts to plot how to get it back. Victoria wants BON for herself, since she made the firm a success (Just like she did with Brash and Sassy!). Victor thinks his eldest wants to stake her claim on the cosmetics company to pay him back for his plots with Anita and Chelsea. Victoria shoots down Victor's theory and the two declare war. Afterwards, Michael gives Victor some bad news about BON — he can't afford it! Seems the lawsuit Victoria, Nick and Abby won against their father made a good bit of his liquid funds dry up. Michael also reminds Victor he is now accountable to a board of directors.

Nikki: The socialite discovers yet another explosive secret regarding Victor.

Sharon: She sets up a visit for Ashley and little Faith.

Paul/Cricket/Danny/Phyllis: Look for one of Phyllis' long ago crimes to soon come back to bite her in her hard drive!