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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Spinelli and Matt attend Maxie’s arraignment. Alexis is still trying to talk some sense into her. Patrick shows up. Maxie wonders if he hates her for what happened at the funeral. She yells at him to tell everyone what a horrible person she is for causing the gas leak. Patrick says he’s there because it was an accident. While he wants to blame someone, he can’t and says she shouldn’t blame herself either.

Sam’s letting Jason know that she’s at Ferncliff to see Heather. Jason says he’s keeping busy with Sonny’s case and McBain. He wonders if Sam thinks Sonny is guilty. She just wants him to be innocent. Heather is brought in so Jason makes her promise to let it go if she doesn’t get any information.

In the afterglow, Steven mentions his mother. Olivia says he’s never talked about it before. Steve explains his past. He shares how Heather has been in and out of mental institutes. He feels bad that he hasn’t reached out to her lately. Olivia assures him that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Steve takes a photo of his mother out of his wallet and studies it.

John McBain shows up at Anna’s hotel room and she’s happy to see him. Turns out she was on loan to the FBI while he was there. The two catch up on old times. John offers her his condolences for Robin. John admits he wants something from her. She realizes it’s about Sonny.

Starr wakes up on Michael’s couch and thanks him for his hospitality. She apologizes for putting him in an awkward position with Sonny. She offers to make him breakfast. Michael asks about McBain and his history with Sonny. Starr says John just wants justice. Michael asks if she’ll go home after the trial. Starr isn’t sure, since she no longer has family there. They talk about breakfast and Starr starts to cry. Michael understands being blindsided by the feelings

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Heather says she knows who Sam is and mentions baby Lila. Sam says she’s here about another baby and wants heather’s help in filing the blanks about the day Jason was born. Heather wants to know what’s in it for her. Heather says she wants to reunite with Steven.

Patrick says Maxie isn’t a horrible person and that Robin loved her like the sister she never had. Maxie says she didn’t deserve Robin’s friendship and that he should hate her. Patrick says he has to look forward at what he has, a daughter, a brother and father. After Patrick leaves, Maxie appears to agree with Alexis’s decision to plead not guilty. Matt thanks Patrick for being nice to Maxie. Patrick says Maxie shouldn’t blame herself and he is thankful to have Matt in his life.

McBain complains to Anna that Sonny is running Port Charles into the ground. She says Sonny was important to Robin. John says Sonny had motive to shoot out the tires. He explains his connection to Starr and Cole. Anna says the evidence is all circumstantial and that John isn’t detached. John says it won’t be over after what Sonny took from him. Anna asks why the grudge. John says Sonny killed his sister.

Spinelli goes to Jason and mentions Maxie’s plight. Jason says it wasn’t Maxie’s fault, but understands her blaming herself as he did. Spin mentions Lisa’s murder. Jason doesn’t believe Maxie capable. However, they although both agree she might know something and that’s why she turned to Anthony for help. Jason tells Spin to make Maxie understand that many factors would have altered the outcome in the lab that day. Spin needs to find the real killer to exonerate Maxie. Spin turns it back on Jason and says he needs to find the real shooter to clear Sonny.

The judge comes in and after giving his rules, asks how Maxie will plead. Alexis stands to say not guilty, but Maxie interrupts and says guilty on all charges.

Jason shows up at Michael’s door while Starr is there.

Sam points out that Steve is an adult and she can’t force him to speak to his mother. Heather says just to make sure that he gets this letter from her and reads it. Sam promises, and asks what Heather knows about the baby. Heather says the baby in the photo isn’t Jason.