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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Heather says the baby in the photo isn’t Jason. Sam says she checked the records. The baby was born to Susan, something Heather agrees with.  Heather says that after Jason was born, Susan screamed and passed out.  The nurse noticed a second baby and delivered him.  Since Susan was unconscious, and the nurse wanted her own child. Heather sold the baby to her. 

Olivia meets Sonny for lunch. They make small talk about Dante until Olivia gets to the meat of her issue. Johnny is putting the screws to Steven and she wants Sonny to do something about it.  Olivia swears Steve is a good man who made a mistake and now Johnny is blackmailing him.  Sonny tells her to go directly to Johnny, but Olivia claims she did and nothing came of it.  Sonny asks what exactly she wants him to do. Olivia says whatever it takes. 

Johnny runs into Kate at the hospital, but she runs from him.  In her session with Ewen Kate says she thinks Johnny is testing her to see if she’s Connie.  Kate wants hypnosis again, to find out what Connie is up to.  Once under, Connie emerges. Ewen says he wants the truth from her. He asks about the gun. Was it hers and did she cause the accident.  Connie tries to change the subject and flirts with Ewen. However, he presses on, saying people died in the accident.  Connie storms out of the room.

Johnny goes to Steven and asks if he has what Johnny asked for.  Steve wants him to get the information from someone else, but Johnny reminds him that one word from him and Memphis will come back.  Steven gives him the list he’s asking for.  Connie bumps into Steve and immediately starts coming onto him, until Ewen pulls her back into the session.  

Carly’s not happy that Luke has a roommate. Luke asks where her compassion is. Anna just lost her daughter.  Carly says she has no sympathy, since he sold her information to Sonny.  Luke says to take it up with Sonny.  Carly says Sonny blew open Johnny’s life.  Luke wonders about her relationship with Johnny. He thinks Johnny is using her.  Carly says she has nothing Johnny could use. Luke feels it’s enough that she’s Sonny’s ex.  Luke says Johnny has a grudge against Sonny. Johnny walks up and questions their conversation.  Luke assures him that they’re all good. However, he’s protecting his family and warns Carly to be careful. 

Anna’s surprised to hear about McBain’s sister.  He says it was a long time ago. He is determined that Sonny will not walk this time.  Anna thinks his judgment is clouded and doesn’t want him brought down by a vendetta.  John assures her that he’d never cross the line. If he did he’d be no better than Sonny; he just wants an airtight case. 

Anna asks what John will do if the evidence leads him somewhere other than towards Sonny. Would he accept Sonny’s innocence.  John assures her that he’ll do the right thing.  Luke shows up and Anna makes the introductions.  John’s heard of Luke via the FBI and claims he’s just there to catch up with Anna.

Jason wonders if Michael has company. Michael lies and says he’s alone.  Starr listens as Jason asks if Johnny contacted him. He thinks that Johnny is framing Sonny.  Michael wonders if Sonny is lying. Jason claims if Sonny had killed a child he would admit it and take the punishment.  Michael doesn’t want to talk about it. Jason says he’ll have to testify, as will Starr.  Michael says he bonded with Starr, having lost her family.  Jason understands how grief works and the need to blame someone. He warns Michael to stay away from Starr. 

Carly assures Johnny that Luke is worried about his free ride. She tells him he thinks Johnny just wants to get back at Sonny.  Johnny asks her if that’s what she believes. Carly says she knows him better than that.  Johnny wonders about Jason. Carly says Jason doesn’t get to tell her what to do.  Johnny asks Carly to go to lunch and be seen in public together, she agrees.

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Sonny needs Olivia to be very clear about what she’s asking him.  Olivia wants him to find a way to shut Johnny up.  Sonny points out that doesn’t sound good. Olivia backs off and says she doesn’t want Johnny at the bottom of the harbor.  Sonny mentions Johnny framing him with the gun and has no problem taking Johnny on. 

Carly and Johnny show up. Johnny throws digs at Olivia about being back with Sonny and leaving Steve behind.  Sonny warns Carly to put a leash on her boyfriend.  Olivia says she’s just having lunch with Sonny. CarJohn walk away, but she’s still angry that Johnny’s pushing at Steve. Olivia wants Sonny to wipe the smug look off of Johnny’s face.  Olivia tells Sonny she’ll be forever in his debt if he does this for her. 

Sonny goes over to Carly and Johnny who are joking around and questions them going public.  Carly says she has nothing to hide.  Sonny asks if she’s told Michael yet and then heads out.  Carly thinks she might have been impulsive and that she wanted to be the one to let Michael know. 

Olivia goes back to the hospital to see Steve, who tells her that Kate hit on him.  Olivia doesn’t believe it, since Kate’s so in love with Sonny.  Steve wonders if he should tell Sonny about it. Olivia doesn’t want them to bother Sonny, since she wants to keep him on their side. 

Ewen continues to press Connie about the gun and the innocent lives that were lost. Connie starts to unravel and Kate reappears.  Ewen tells her that he still doesn’t know if Connie got the gun or used it. 

Before John leaves Anna, she tells him he’s too good to wreck over a case. He says he’ll go where the evidence takes him and asks if she’s in.  Anna agrees to help him out.  Luke asks if he should be jealous of John. Anna wonders why he would be, since she and John are old friends.  Luke says he’s not big on sharing. 

On his way out, John runs into Kate. He says he has questions regarding the gun.  Kate says she’s already spoken to the police and has nothing to say and blows him off.

Sonny goes to Michael’s, worried that Michael will say something wrong at the trial.  He asks if Michael has had contact with Starr, but Michael lies.  Sonny hopes Michael is behind him.  He and Jason leave. Starr comes out of hiding.  Michael swears it will be all over soon and Starr is sure it will be. 

Sonny tells Jason that Johnny is working Carly. He wants to bring Johnny to his knees. 

Sam is shocked that Heather sold Jason’s twin.  Heather says they weren’t identical. There was something not right with the other one so she was happy to get rid of him.  Sam asks about the nurse. Heather says her name was Elizabeth Frank, but went by Betsy.  Sam realizes that Betsy Frank was Franco’s mother. She stumbles out of the room, as Heather begs her to bring the letter to Steve. 

Sam realizes that Franco knew who he was all along and that he could still be the baby’s father.