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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate’s reading a book about Llanview’s famous multiple personalities. She decides she needs to get rid of Connie, before she destroys everything.  Jason pops by to talk to Kate about the gun not belonging to Sonny.  Kate recounts that day. She tells him how Maxie wasn’t at her desk and how Olivia stopped by to see her.  Jason points out that Olivia was the first one in. Kate says Olivia didn’t plant the gun. 

Olivia doesn’t understand why Kate would have hit on Steve, saying it’s something Connie would have done.  Steven gets a call from Heather, asking to come and see her.  She says she needs him now and hangs up.  Steve wonders what she wants and heads out to see her. 

Sam’s wondering how to tell Jason what she’s found out.  Spinelli wonders why she’s upset. She asks about Maxie. He says he needs to help Maxie, by finding the real killer.  Sam tells him she’s fine; to go and help Maxie.  Sam sees the file Jason has on McBain and then heads out to see her mother. 

John shows Anna a restraining order that Sonny got against him.  He’s glad that he’s made Sonny nervous.  He mentions running into Kate and how she seemed to know more than she was saying. He thinks she’s covering for someone.  Anna asks if he thinks the gun was Kate’s. 

Alexis questions Sonny’s decision to get the restraining order. She says it implies he has something to hide.  Sonny just wants her to prove he’s innocent.  Sonny says Johnny planted the gun.  Alexis points out that, according to security, only Olivia, Kate and him were in the office after the accident.  Sonny says Johnny hired someone to pretend they were maintenance.  Alexis asks if there’s a chance the gun was Kate’s. 

Delores fights with her husband over the phone. She then explains to Dante and Lulu that he’s been working at the PC History Museum.  Shawn brings in Rinelle, who was jumped.  She says she thought the guy was gone, since there hasn’t been an attack in months.  Rinelle says she didn’t see him, but yanked off a badge from his neck.  Dante notices that it’s a visitor’s pass for the museum. He tells Lulu to log it into evidence and forensics.

Spinelli shows up at the PCPD and asks Lulu’s help in getting him Lisa’s murder file, for Maxie.  She gets him the file and tells him to help Maxie.  Spin assures her that he will find who the real killer is no matter what.  

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Dante asks Delores about Eddie working at the museum and asks to speak to him, since he may have seen something.  Shawn decides to take Rinelle to the hospital. Dante tells Delores to go with them.   Lulu says they need to draw the guy out and that she needs to pose as a stripper.

Alexis asks if Sonny gave Kate a gun for protection, but he says he didn’t.  Alexis is worried about Kate being called as a witness and what she’ll say.  Sonny doesn’t want Kate to have to relive things during the trial. She’s been through so much already.  Alexis tells him to protect himself.  Sam shows up to talk to Alexis.  Sonny says he knows that she has doubts about his innocence.  Sam says she hopes he beats the charges.  After Sonny leaves, Sam says she wants to talk about the baby. However, Alexis gets a call to show up in court right now. Sam says she’ll stay until her mother gets back

John wonders who left the gun in the office, Kate or Sonny.  Anna says there may be a third party, going after Anthony and willing to frame Sonny.  She says Kate’s office has easy access. It’s the perfect set up.  John wonders then, why was Kate so upset.  Olivia stops by to give Anna her condolences.  After she walks away, John points out that she’s Kate’s cousin. Maybe they need to speak to her.  Anna says he needs to talk to Sonny. She gives John a federal investigative letter, allowing him access to Sonny.  John decides to pay Alexis a visit and tells Anna to get information from Olivia.  

Anna talks to Olivia about Kate.  Olivia mentions Kate’s name change and reinvention and that Connie was someone you didn’t mess with.  Anna asks if she thinks the gun was Kate’s.  Olivia says there is no way, although she could see Connie with one.

Heather’s thrilled to see that Steven came to see her. She’s says she’s better and can be released, so long as someone can take responsibility for her.  Steve says he can’t help her.  She mutters about writing him a letter. She grumbles how Sam was supposed to take it to him, but didn’t and asks him to read the letter to her, out loud.  Steven reads it. Heather basically wants him to forgive her and give her another chance.  Steven decides that everyone needs a second chance and agrees to be responsible for his mother.  She swears he won’t’ regret it.

Jason wonders if Kate remembers how things in the office looked. She says she didn’t see the gun. She asks if he’s implying the gun was hers.  She yells that he’s accusing her of owning the gun and of causing the accident that killed two people.  Kate transforms into Connie as Jason claims he never implied any of that.  Connie accuses Jason of calling her a liar.  

Connie tells him to take his accusations and stick them.  Jason wonders what’s wrong with her.  Connie says he’s trying to score points with Sonny, but that neither he nor Sonny can tell her what to do. She asks if he knows who he’s talking to.  Jason wonders why she’s so angry. He just wants to clear Sonny.  Connie says she’s the woman that Sonny loves, which makes her number one, not Jason.  Jason leaves, but not before Connie tells him not to cross her again or he’ll regret it. 

Connie’s muttering to herself about not taking crap from anyone, when Sonny shows up and wonders what she’s talking about. 

When Jason gets back to the penthouse, Spinelli tells him that Sam is anxious to speak to him.

John shows up at Alexis’ house.  Sam is upset and wants him to leave. He says he won’t.  Sam says he wants to work her for information.  John tells her it will help if she tells someone what’s bothering her.