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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Connie propositions Ewen and texts Sonny to come find them.  Elizabeth returns to the table and is shocked at Kate’s inappropriate behavior. She chooses to return to work.  Ewen forces Connie to turn back into Kate. He explains to her hoe Connie’s plan to seduce him, Johnny or Steve in her attempts to break up Kate and Sonny.  They head off to the hospital for more therapy.

Spinelli convinces Matt that Maxie is innocent and to work with him in proving it.  They ask Liz more questions about the night on the boat, but she remembers nothing unusual.  She does let them know that Ewen was her rescuer, which makes the boys suspicious of Ewen.

Alexis tries to get Maxie to understand her actions and the fact she’ll spend her life in prison.  Maxie is still determined to pay for crimes she didn’t commit.

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John continues to comfort Sam. He tells her he still has ties to the FBI. He can have someone check Franco’s file for a DNA sample, so that she can have it checked against the baby.  Sam decides she won’t tell Jason any of this until she gets the second DNA results. John warns her against waiting.

Alexis returns home, surprised to find John waiting for her.  Sam assures that she’s fine and leaves.  She reminds John about the restraining order. However, John shows her the approval letter from the FBI, allowing him to investigate Sonny. 

Sonny complains to Jason about his treatment of Kate.  Jason tries to explain that Kate was the one who was behaving hostile.  Sonny doesn’t want to hear it. He just wants it smoothed out and asks that Jason stay away from Kate. 

When Sonny gets to the Metro Court to meet with Kate, he finds out that she left with another man.  

Note: Since I’m delayed in posting this recap, it will be a condensed version of Friday’s episode.