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SOAP BYTES: The Great Lakes of Genoa City on The Young and the Restless; Lexie Learns She Has a Brother on Days of Our Lives

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Y&R BYTES: I did not feel one ounce of sympathy for Victoria (Amelia Heinle), after Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) threatened not to let her have her baby. I realize Vicky hates Adam, but she’s going off the deep end about this baby.

What the hell? How did Chelsea get from her car and into Genoa City’s frozen pond? Just how big is that body of water? Everyone seems to end up in it, and geographically speaking it pops up in all kinds of different locations. I’m beginning to think it should be called The Great Lakes of Genoa City. I have no doubt that Adam (Michael Muhney) and his super-human eyes will save the day.

I’m thoroughly enjoying Gloria (Judith Chapman) and Jeffrey (Ted Shackelford) getting more airtime. They provide such good comic relief. Something is wrong when the cutest thing on The Young and the Restless is Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria’s dog.

Genaura (Genie Francis) thinks she’s so sly, but really she’s an idiot.


DAYS BYTES: So Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) is trying to set up Kate (Lauren Koslow). Be careful Kate; be very careful.

Leave it to Kate to deliver a delicious zinger.

Kate to Ian (Ian Buchanan), after he criticized her passion-less marriage to Stefano: “That’s a really funny thing, coming from a man whose wife goes into heat every time she sees Brady Black (Eric Martsolf).”

Lexi (Renee Jones) found out she has a brain tumor, and according to Dr. Hairy Chest (Shawn Christian) she is facing the worst case scenario. I’m glad Jones is leaving Days of Our Lives on her own terms; otherwise I’d be more upset about this storyline. I hope the show does it well.

My question is, where will this leave Abe (James Reynolds)? He hasn’t really been with anyone other than Lexie in recent years. You’d think it would be obvious, considering his history with the show, but no other possible pairings immediately come to mind.

So Lexie has a half brother named Cameron (Schuyler Yancey)?

How much smoke could Princess Gina (Kristian Alfonso) puff, if she could puff, would puff, puff?

John (Drake Hogestyn) wants Hope to find her happy place and remember Bo (Peter Reckell). What if Gina doesn’t want to find her happy place?

Would Bo’s coma make the above the fold, front page headline in a normal city newspaper?

Is it Jack’s (Matt Ashford) fault that Abby (Kate Mansi) did what she did to Austin (Patrick Muldoon)?

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GH BYTES: I'm sorta enjoying the Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Matt (Jason Cook) dynamic. Could the end up being the best couple of 2012? It’s always a blast to see two characters that loathe each other being forced to work together.

What is John (Michael Easton) and Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) squish name, JoSam, SoJo? (Editor's Note: Duh, it's JAM!) I like both, but SoJo sounds better to me.

It’s nice to see Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) getting back into the legal eagle groove with Maxie’s (Jen Lilley) case. She hasn’t been this sharp of a lawyer in awhile.

John to Alexis: “With this little piece of paper I can sing karaoke on his front lawn and there is nothing you can do about it.”

Let’s visualize that for a moment. John McBain, with a karaoke boom box standing on Sonny’s front lawn belting out songs — now that's a scene I'd pay to see! 

I liked Maxie’s mention of Kristina. We really need Lexi Ainsworth to come back to General Hospital.

Connie (Kelly Sullivan) is so desperate to get Sonny (Maurice Benard) out of Kate’s life she’s willing to jump any available man’s bone, er…bones.   Is anyone in Port Charles stupid enough to sleep with Sonny’s girlfriend, especially when she’s mentally impaired?


B&B BYTES: Hope (Kim Matula) went to visit her therapist (Hillary B. Smith) to thank her for her help. Unfortunately, the good doc  doesn't seem convinced of Hope's progress.

Rick (Jacob Young) wants to rub lotion all over Caroline (Linsey Godfrey).

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see The Bold and the Beautiful is setting up Ridge’s son to go to battle with Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) son for the love of a woman. Meanwhile, Brooke’s daughter beat out Ridge’s daughter for the love of a man.

Would you prefer to see Caroline with Thomas (Adam Gregory) or Rick?

Thomas to Caroline: “Pool looks great; want to get in?”

Rick: “No, actually we’re enjoying watching you strut around like a peacock.”

Caroline: “Boys. Boys.”

The Bold and the Beautiful really needs to get back to its Forrester Creations power struggle storylines.