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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael comes home to hear Starr, on the phone, telling her mother she’s ready to testify against Sonny. Michael says the evidence is circumstantial. He swears Sonny would admit if he killed a child. Starr asks if he’d accept it if it turned out Sonny was guilty. Michael asks if she’d accept it if he wasn’t.

Sonny runs into CarJohn at the restaurant. He wonders how Michael is dealing with them as a couple. Carly says she thought he would have already told Michael. However, Sonny says he has other issues to deal with, namely Johnny framing him. Sonny asks Carly if she’ll stand by her man when she finds out he caused the accident.

Kate’s worried that Connie is trying to ruin her life. She wonders if Connie had the gun and caused the accident. Ewen’s worried that Connie will take over for good and do something drastic. He’s thinks Connie will be dangerous. Kate says she’ll do anything. Ewen tells her she needs to tell Sonny the truth, then check herself into a mental institute. The idea horrifies Kate.

Olivia stops by to see Steven. Heather tells her to come back another time. Steve breaks things up. Olivia demands to know why she isn’t still at Ferncliff. Heather says she’s sane again and living with Steve. Steven explains to Olivia that it was a conditional release. He’s sure his mother has changed. Heather wants to make up for lost time. Steven tells his mother that Olivia is an important part of his life.

Sam tells Jason only part of the story Heather told her. She leaves the twin and Franco out. Jason says it’s over. He wonders why she’s still worried. Sam needs to make sure nothing can hurt them. Jason tells her to drop it.

Tracy wants everyone to shower her with birthday greetings. However, neither Monica nor Alice are willing. Tracy’s upset that no one has reached out to her, not even her boys. Luke shows up with a flower box. Tracy is thrilled he remembered, until she opens the box and finds a riding crop instead of flowers.

John returns to Anna’s and says he spoke with Sam. Anna tells him not to ruffle Jason’s feathers by going through his wife. The two talk about Kate possibly being the one who left the gun. John doesn’t believe Kate is capable of shooting out tires. He doesn’t understand why she’d frame Sonny. He assures Anna again that he’s not going to cross a line when it comes to Sonny. Anna comes across photos of Robin and starts to cry. John hugs her for comfort.

Johnny questions whether Carly still believes him. She knows he’s innocent. She’s more worried about Michael’s reaction. Johnny thinks since he and Michael get along, that Michael will be fine with them dating.

Starr reminds Michael what Anthony said he saw. Michael says Anthony is using her. Michael gets a call from Carly, to come and meet her. He asks Starr to come along, but she declines.

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Anthony comes home with packages. Tracy thinks it’s her gift, but finds out he’s been charging stuff to her. Tracy asks again for him to sign the divorce papers. Anthony wonders why she’s so grumpy. Luke says it’s her birthday.

Tracy’s upset with Luke for giving her a whip. However, Luke says is a riding crop. He remembered her love for her childhood horse and found the descendent of that horse. Tracy is happily shocked that Luke got her a pony for her birthday.

Starr shows up at the mansion to talk to Anthony. He says the accident wasn’t his fault and swears he saw Sonny shoot out his tires. Starr tells him he has to testify. However, Anthony isn’t interested in that. Starr warns him that if he doesn’t show up in court, that she’ll get the DA to force him.

Michael shows up at the restaurant and tells Sonny that he’s being called to testify. Sonny says to tell the truth. Michael has decided that Sonny is innocent, which means more to Sonny than anything else. Sonny asks if Starr has made contact, but Michael says she hasn’t.

Michael heads over to CarJohn’s table and is shocked when they tell him their news. They are together. Johnny says Carly isn’t part of the business. Michael feels she’s taking risks, which isn’t good for Josslyn and Morgan. Michael says someone is framing Sonny, and the likely suspect is Johnny.

Jason wants Sam to rest, something she finds ironic since he’s back to work for Sonny. Jason tells her about his visit with Kate and how it was like he was talking to someone else. Sam’s angry to hear Sonny took Kate’s side over Jason’s. Jason says Sonny just doesn’t want to think his woman is lying. Sam gets a call from John, telling her that he got a sample. She should have an answer soon.

Kate says she’s not committing herself. She has a magazine to run and has to be by Sonny’s side for the trial. Ewen says they need to contain Connie or it will get worst. Kate gets a call from Sonny and heads out to meet him. Ewen calls someone and lets them know that he has a patient in crisis that will need to be committed against their will.

When Kate meets up with Sonny, he tells her that he spoke with Jason and set him straight for going off on her. Kate has no idea what he’s talking about.

Michael gets back to the apartment, just before Starr does. He asks where she was. She just says she went for a productive walk.

Heather explains her past to Olivia. She says she’s recovered now and offers Olivia some tea, which Olivia wisely refuses. When Heather leaves the room, Olivia tells Steve she doesn’t think this is a good idea. However, Steve says his mother is no longer dangerous. He has to do this for her. Steve goes to check on his mother and finds her gone.

Luke gets back to the hotel room and finds John comforting Anna. John leaves and later, Luke spots the photos that made Anna cry. He gets a knock on the door. It’s Heather.