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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate’s surprised to see CarJohn out in public.  Sonny complains about Johnny framing him and using Carly against him.  Kate says Carly only cares about herself and not to let it get under Sonny’s skin.  Sonny doesn’t understand why Carly is doing this to Michael, because he’s stuck between his parents. 

Johnny offers to talk to Michael. Carly says she’s entitled to her own life and Michael will come around.  Johnny says he doesn’t want to cause problems, but Carly has helped pull him out of his darkness. It’s not about Sonny.  Johnny wonders why Carly is so certain he didn’t frame Sonny. Carly says she knows him, and what kind of person he is.  She’s starting to care and isn’t going anywhere. 

Ewen fills out commitment papers for Kate.  Matt distracts Ewen with talk of a patient, needing a psych consult, while Spinelli rummages through Ewen’s office. He finds the commitment papers, where he reads the words Crimson Magazine. He assumes Ewen wants to commit Maxie.  Spinelli confronts Ewen and accuses him of killing Lisa, then turning on Maxie.  Ewen says Maxie isn’t his patient. She’s not who the papers are for. 

Luke is shocked to see Heather out and about.  She reassures him that she’s better now and has been released to Steve.  Luke says she isn’t welcome. He’s not sympathetic to her because he remembers everything she did.  Luke tries to call Steve, but Heather takes his phone away. She says she just wants to talk for a minute.  Luke doesn’t want to revisit old times.  Heather realizes someone else is in the suite and calls out. Anna comes out of the other room and Luke introduces them. 

Olivia’s concerned at Heather’s disappearance. Steve assures her that his mother wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize her release.  Olivia says he’s responsible for everything Heather does. He needs to find her before she causes damage.  Olivia asks who or where Heather would go.  Steve said she had a fixation with Luke. 

Carly confronts Kate about the changing of her locks. The two snipe at each other.  Carly feels Kate has something to hide, like the gun.  Kate says she’ll have Carly arrested if she breaks into her office again.  Sonny says Johnny put the gun there.  Johnny says the DA thinks Sonny did, since the trial starts tomorrow.  Carly asks what Kate is hiding from Sonny.  Kate says Carly humiliated Michael by sleeping with everything that moves.  Carly tells Kate to meet her outside and calls her Connie. She accuses her of walking away from her family, because she’s a soulless lying bitch. 

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Sonny tells Johnny to control his woman.  Johnny says he shouldn’t talk. Sonny tells Johnny not to lie again and say that Kate came to him for sex.  Kate wants them to leave. Sonny tells her to get the car because he wants a word with Johnny. Carly walks away, so Sonny tells Johnny that he’ll beat the charges against him. Then he’ll come after Johnny.  He doesn’t want to kill Johnny, just humiliate him and make him suffer so he’ll lose everything. Then Carly will dump him.  Johnny warns him that he’ll push back and that Sonny has more to lose than he thinks. 

Olivia stops by to complain to Kate that she came onto Steve, since Kate hasn’t acted like that since she was a teenager.  Kate is surprised at the accusation.  When Sonny comes back for Kate, Olivia offers her best wishes for his trial and reminds him not to let Johnny get away with anything. 

Heather wonders why Anna is staying with Luke. She wants to get reacquainted with him and Anna would be in the way.  Luke says Heather was released from Ferncliff. Anna wonders if it was prematurely.  Heather swears she’s fully recovered. She’s been given a second chance and wants to show Luke the kind of woman she really is.  Heather reaches into her purse. Luke assumes she has a gun and throws himself on Anna. 

Turns out it was a letter that Heather wrote to remind him of what they shared.  Luke says they don’t’ share anything.  Heather wants them to see where this will go. However, Luke isn’t interested.  Steve shows up. She tells his mother that she can’t disappear on him.  Luke says Steve should have warned people.  Heather tells Luke to read the letter with an open mind and leaves with Steven. 

Anna’s surprised that Luke would have taken a bullet for her.  She’s not thrilled with Luke’s taste in women. He swears it’s all in Heather’s head. Anna thinks Heather wants to make amends and that she’s harmless.  Luke thinks differently and that madness never gets better.  Luke explains his past with Heather and how she tried to kill Skye.

Matt asks if Spinelli actually saw Maxie’s name on the papers. Spin realizes that it only said Crimson and assumed Maxie. He realizes its Kate.  Spin leaves Jason a message to talk about Kate’s issues.  Matt talks to Ewen about Maxie’s determination to be punished. 

Heather apologizes to Steve, saying she wanted to see an old friend.  Steve says she and Luke will not be together. Heather reassures him that she wishes all the best for Luke and Anna.

Johnny and Carly make love, as do Kate and Sonny.  Connie emerges after and calls Johnny. She lets him know the offer to bed her still stands.  Johnny says no, but Connie isn’t taking no for an answer.