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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Kate wakes up alone and finds a letter from Connie under her pillow. She freaks out that Connie came out during the night and did something. Sonny wonders what she’s upset about. Kate says not to worry about her today.

Jason hears Spinelli’s message about Kate and returns the call, asking to meet with him. John calls Sam and tells her he has Franco’s sample. Sam tells him to meet her at the hospital. Sam lies to Jason. She has a check up for the baby, but Jason wants to go with her. Sam tells him to deal with Sonny instead. Jason doesn’t want to miss anything. Spinelli shows up with the information, so Sam manages to duck out.

John arrives at Sonny’s. He tells Max and Milo to get him, since the restraining order has been revoked. Sonny meets with John and accuses him of harassment. Sonny says many cops have tried to take him down, but he’s still here. John says he’s still here too, but his sister isn’t. Sonny will pay for what he did to her. John tells him to pay attention when Starr’s testifying and asks what kind of act Sonny will put on for the jury. Sonny says he has compassion for Starr. However, John tells him to plead out and give Starr peace. Sonny tells him to go after Johnny, since he was responsible.

Liz drops by Ewen’s office to thank him for lunch. He apologizes for Kate’s behavior. Liz figures Kate is a patient. Ewen says he owes her dessert and jokes that she’d be dating a murderer. He explains to Liz about Matt and Spinelli’s accusations. Liz apologizes for telling them that Ewen was her rescuer. The two plan to go for dessert.

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Starr complains that Anthony is refusing to testify because he’s afraid of Sonny. Michael reminds her again that Anthony is a liar. There’s no way he could have seen Sonny in the headlights at night. She admits to Michael that she went to see Anthony at the mansion. Michael asks if she thought he would stop her. He says he wants her to get her answers. Starr says she deserves to know who took her family away. She says she misses them and life will never be the same. Starr cries and Michael hugs her.

Maggie’s wondering why Steven’s been avoiding her. Steve says he’s worried about his mother. He explains that she’s fresh out of a mental institute. Maggie asks why he’s letting Heather live with him. Steve says he wants to believe that anyone can heal and be redeemed.

Kate calls Ewen and lets him know that Connie came out during the night and left a note. She needs his help. Ewen wants her to put herself in a controlled environment, but Kate refuses. She claims she tried to tell Sonny the truth, but couldn’t. He knows something is wrong. Kate says she has to support Sonny at the trial. Ewen warns her that the trial is the last place she should be, in case Connie comes out. He mentions a warning sign. Kate says she remembers having a headache just before Connie came out. She says she can control things and that no one will keep her from the trial.

Spinelli tells Jason that Kate is seeing a psychiatrist. He found the commitment papers and asks whether Sonny suspects anything wrong. Jason says Sonny told him to back off. He can’t tell Sonny without proof and that they should leave this alone. Spin says that Kate is a danger to herself and others. Jason asks him to hack into Kate’s hospital file while he catches up with Sam.

Sam meets with John at the hospital. He gives her the sample and asks that she not tell anyone where it came from. Sam says she can’t tell Jason the truth yet, but John doesn’t think she should continue to lie. He asks what happens if the baby is Franco’s. John says he hopes everything works out the way she wants. Sam thanks him. Sam says she’s scared and wants the baby to be Jason’s. John says the longer she waits to find out, the longer she’ll have to deal with it.

Liz is coming down the hall and spots the two talking and backs away. Jason gets off the elevator and runs into Liz. She says she thought he’d be at the courthouse with Sonny. Jason’s says he’s on his way, after Sam’s check up. Liz says Sam isn’t seeing Dr. Lee today, but that she’s around the corner, talking to some guy.

As Kate and Sonny leave for the courthouse, she complains of a headache. Starr and Michael get to the courthouse. Starr admits to being nervous. She and Michael hug, as Kate and Sonny walk up and see them.