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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nikki and Victor Break Up and Screw Other People!

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Sharon: Ms. Thang is going to start to take stock of her life and try to stand strong. Where have we heard that jive before?


Victor/Nikki/Jack/Genevieve: The Black Knight's chickens have come home to roost.  Victor's lady love finds out he paid Chelsea to get Billy drunk and have sex with him. Nikki has had it with Victor's stunts. The couple has a huge blow up, ending with Nikki once again kicking Victor to the curb.

Meanwhile, Jack and Genaura Genevieve head to Las Vegas to get hitched, but the Abbott bad boy just can't bring himself to marry her. Jack gives Genevieve her walking papers, breaking her heart. Later, Jack calls Nikki and fills her in on everything. She flies to Sin City to be with him. She tells Old Smilin' Jack about her romantic woes with Victor, while he gripes over Genevieve. Jack may not be able to walk, but everything else seems to be working just fine, because he and Nikki make love!

Victor decides to go to Vegas also. He plans to try and convince Genevieve to sell Beauty of Nature to him one more time. Persistence pays off, as she says yes. The former mob moll learns of Nikki ending her relationship with Victor and gives him a shoulder to lean on, while dishing about her break up with Jack. Well, I guess that turns out to be be one heck of a shoulder because the two wind up hitting the sack!

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Later, Billy and Victoria hold a party in honor of Baby John's birth, and it seems the place to be for folks wanting to make statements. Jack and Nikki go public with their renewed relationship, while Victor arrives with Genevieve, just in time to discover Nikki and Jack are an item! Victor accuses Nikki of ditching him for Jack. Victor may have gotten BON from Jack, but Old Smilin' has snagged the one thing Victor is obsessed with: Nikki. If that isn't bad enough, Victor's purchase of BON may not sit too well with the board over at Newman Enterprises.

Kyle: He returns to Genoa City and is NOT happy when he finds out Jack is with Nikki.

Tucker/Ashley: The couple's business disagreement causes strife in their personal lives.

Neil/Harmony: The two try to make sense of their kiss.

Lauren: The department store heiress is goes to jail.

Lucy: The judge makes a decision in the custody battle over her.