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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam wonders why Jason isn’t at the trial. Jason tells her he didn’t want to miss the check up and wanted to support her. Kelly shows up, wondering why Sam needed to see her. Jason mentions a check up, which confuses Kelly. She quickly covers and admits her office made a scheduling error, but she’ll see them now. When Jason leaves them alone, Sam tells Kelly she needs to do another DNA test with Franco’s sample. She explains about the boys being twins and that Jason doesn’t know the truth yet. Kelly complains that this is all very stressful for Sam, but promises to have the results the following day.

With Jason back in the room, Kelly does a sonogram. She asks if they want to know the gender. Jason wants to be surprised. Jason heads off to the trial. Sam is sure this will destroy him and hopes Jason turns out to be the father. Kelly says she’ll know tomorrow.

Steve and Heather end up at Kelly’s for lunch. Luke and Anna also show up. Heather insists they join them, because she has unfinished business with Luke. Heather claims that she didn’t mean to upset them. She knows they’re just friends, since Anna isn’t Luke’s type, and that she wants to make it up to them.

Olivia seeks out Ewen’s advice about Steven’s mother and explains her history. Ewen offers to give a second opinion, but both Steve and Heather would have to agree to it. Olivia calls Steve. When he leaves the room, Heather spills her drink on Anna. Anna is forced to wash up, leaving Luke alone with Heather. Heather wants them to focus on their future, but Luke says they have no future. Steve agrees that Heather should be brought in for evaluation with Ewen. He convinces his mother to go to the hospital with him. When Anna comes back she and Luke joke about the crazy that is Heather and Tracy sees them being close.

At the hospital, Steve tells his mother to stay put and not wander off. Heather reassures him that she will do everything to earn his trust. Ewen tells Steve that it’s a good idea to get a second opinion. Steve gives him his mother’s file. Heather runs into Sam in the hall.

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Johnny arrives at Carly’s to drive her to the courthouse. He’s happy that Sonny will end up in prison, but then apologizes for sounding so excited. He’s worried Alexis will pass the blame onto him. Carly reassures him that she’s his alibi. Johnny asks how Michael will feel when they both testify against Sonny. Carly wants them to just tell the truth.

At the courthouse, Sonny spots Michael and Starr hugging. He approaches them. Starr covers for Michael, saying they just ran into each other and Michael was helping her. Sonny tells her that he’s sorry. However, Starr doesn’t believe him. Sonny swears he didn’t cause the accident and will be vindicated in court. Michael tells Starr that he understands what she’s lost and wants her to have her justice.

The DA makes his opening statements, claiming Sonny had no alibi and is guilty. Alexis does hers, saying the evidence is circumstantial. Dante testifies that someone shot at him. Sonny took the bullet and then took off to find Johnny. Johnny testifies that Sonny showed up at his door with a 9mm. Carly testifies that when Sonny left, he was likely going after Anthony. Tracy testifies that Sonny announced he would kill Anthony. Alexis asks them all if they saw Sonny shoot out the tires and they all answer no.

Starr testifies about driving through Port Charles and how the accident happened. She breaks down a few times. Sonny asks why Alexis isn’t objecting. Starr says Anthony refused to help because Sonny was gunning for him. Alexis asks if Starr saw Sonny and Starr says no.

Michael testifies that he and Dante were out looking for Sonny, because he was looking for Anthony. Alexis asks if he saw Sonny at the scene or on the road. Michael says no. She asks if he saw his father prior to the accident. Michael says he was at the hospital getting stitched up and that Sonny was sad because of Robin’s death.

Dante testifies that the gun was found in Kate’s office and that it had no fingerprints on it. Alexis asks about access to the office.  Anyone can get into it from the hotel lobby. Johnny worries that this is where Alexis will point the finger at him, so he and Carly leave.

The DA calls Kate to the stand and asks her name. She says it’s Connie Falconeri.

NOTE: Today was the beginning of Sonny’s trial, and since it consisted of a lot of dialogue, I found it easier to divide the episode into non trial, followed by, trial recap. It’s doesn’t follow the chronological line of the episode, but it makes for a cleaner recap.