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Did Natalie Morales Get Kathy Griffin Banned From Today?

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How many times can one person be banned from a single TV show? Kathy Griffin must be setting some sort of record trying to find out.  According to USA Today, Griffin revealed she has been banned from The Today Show yet again, but this time by Natalie Morales. Griffin bumped into Morales at a Golden Globes after party. Apparently, Morales felt Griffin was rude to her and had her banned from appearing on Today.  According to Griffin,

What I heard from their team is that I was rude to her at the Golden Globes. Which is funny because I didn't go to the Golden Globes. But I did go to Golden Globes parties which I didn't really belong at, so I know for a fact that I did a few interviews there, but I really knew that it wasn't my place to even be there." Griffin says she doesn't remember seeing Morales at the Globes parties, or turning down an interview request.

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Having Griffin banned from Today seems to be almost a rite of passage for members of the show’s team. Reportedly, Katie Couric and Matt Lauer each had Griffin banned at different times.

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