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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Tracy breaks up Luke and Anna’s fun. She warns Anna about Luke’s schemes to steal her money.  Anna points out that she has no money for Luke to steal.  Luke explains that Heather is back and has put the bullseye on his back. Heather isn’t happy with Anna and Luke’s involvement.  Tracy’s happy she’s not Heather’s target.  Anna asks why Tracy hasn’t gotten a divorce from Anthony. Luke figures Anthony has something on her and wonders what it is. 

Anna leaves to allow them to talk. Luke swears Tracy can trust him.  She explains about the SCC.  Luke understands that Anthony wants control of ELQ, since Johnny now has control of the family money.  Anthony finds them together and ushers Tracy out. 

Sam wonders if Heather escaped, but she says she was released properly. She is angry that Sam said she’d give Steve the letter and then ran away.  Sam says she was distracted. However, Heather is still upset that she told Sam everything and then realizes that Sam hasn’t told Jason the truth yet. She wonders why. 

The two argue about telling Jason he has a famous brother until Sam drops her DNA requisition on the floor. Heather wonders why she would need a DNA test. She accuses Sam of sleeping with Franco and lying to Jason.  Sam says she’ll tell Jason when she knows the results.  Heather threatens to tell Jason herself.  Sam counters that she’ll tell Steven that Heather sold another baby.  She knows how important Steve is to Heather. They both have something to lose.  Heather agrees to keep quiet.  

Johnny’s hanging out at Carly’s, glad to be out of the courtroom.  Carly’s upset by Starr’s testimony, her loss and how she’s grateful her kids are healthy and safe.  Carly admits she hasn’t made the best choices. She subjected them to Sonny’s violence. Michael will always be a target.  Johnny swears he won’t bring trouble to her kids.  Carly says she wouldn’t allow him in her house if she didn’t trust him.  Josslyn shows up with a book and Johnny offers to read it to her. 

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Spinelli stops by the courthouse. He tells Jason that he hasn’t found out why Ewen wants to commit Kate, but asks again about telling Sonny.  Jason refuses to say anything without proof.  Spin asks about the baby check up. Jason shows him the sonogram and the two joke about the baby. 

Matt asks to see Maxie. He wants to try and talk some sense into her.  He explains that any number of factors contributed to Robin’s death. Pleading guilty won’t bring her back.  Spin gets to the PCPD and listens in. He hears Matt admit that he’s in love with Maxie.  Maxie’s about to say something, when Spinelli falls into the room.  Maxie declares that she’s guilty and calls the guard to get her.  Matt is angry with Spin’s interference.  Spin says Maxie would have a hard time recanting anyway. He needs help finding out Lisa’s real killer. 

Kate says she was born Connie Falconeri, but legally changed her name.  She testifies that she’s never seen the gun, until Dante showed it to her.  She admits that Sonny was with her in the office that day and they made love.  The DA points out that the gun could have fallen out of Sonny’s clothes.  Kate says it isn’t her gun.  Alexis asks her if she saw Sonny drop it or if she saw Sonny shoot out the tires. Kate says no. 

The DA wants to enter Anthony’s written statement into the record. Alexis’ objects, since it wouldn’t allow her to cross examine him.  The judge asks why Anthony isn’t there in person. The DA says Anthony fears for his life.  Alexis counters that Anthony should have gotten a protection order.  Starr stands and claims Anthony told her he saw Sonny.  The judge says to find a way to compel Anthony to testify. 

Anthony strolls into the courthouse, apologizing for his delay.  He says he changed his mind because Starr needs justice.  He explains that he was heading to the airport that night. He realized he was being followed, saw the gun and recognized Sonny as the shooter. 

Alexis points out that it was night, there was a glare and the car was 50 feet away.  Anthony counters that Sonny was tailgating and that he has great eyesight.  Alexis writes something on her legal pad. She stands across the room and asks if Anthony can read it, which he can’t.  She steps closer and he still can’t read it.  The DA asks again if Anthony saw Sonny. Anthony says he did. 

Jason watches Kate. She gets more and more shaky, listening to the evidence against Sonny.  The prosecution rests. Alexis calls no witnesses.  Sonny asks about testifying. She doesn’t want to give the DA a chance to cross examine him.  The DA gives his closing argument, asking the jury to convict Sonny.  Alexis gives her closing, saying there is no proof and that Sonny needs to be acquitted.