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Young and Restless Showrunner Maria Arena Bell: "You'll Be Seeing Stories That Fans Will Think Are Sensational This Summer"

The Young and the Restless' autonomous executive producer and head writer Maria Arena Bell gave a "state of the union" address to Devin Owens in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest. In the Q&A, MAB gives a preview of what fans of the CBS soap can expect this summer. She also answers Owens' questions about fan criticism. Here's a snippet:


Soap Opera Digest: Our Sound Off section has included a lot of critical letters about Y&R. What do you believe is working on the show right now?

Maria Arena Bell: Driving story with the things Y&R is known for. We're going to have some boardroom stories and some great bedroom stories, but still have great, intense family drama. There's going to be a lot of romance this summer, but unexpected romance. We're playing a lot of the history of the show, but in a surprising way, so you'll feel like the show is moving forward. Characters will be evolving and developing, with people on to new eras of their lives. You'll be seeing stories that fans will think are sensational this summer and some of them will be love-to-hate stories. Some of them will push the fans to the edge, but to me, they're still very much about the history of the characters. There's going to be really exciting, in the moment, vibrant storytelling.

I sure hope MAB's confidence is merited for once. I'd like nothing better than to see Y&R find its footing again this summer. Do you think she'll make good on her promises this time? Sound off in the comments! For the rest of Owens' interview with Bell, pick up the April 23 issue of SOD.

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