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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny stops by Michael’s and correctly guesses Starr is staying there. He’s upset with Michael. Michael claims he’s helping Starr because he knows what it’s like to lose someone. Sonny asks if it’s just about feeling sorry for her or if there’s more to it. Michael swears nothing is going on. Sonny warns him Starr might be using him.

Lulu, Dante and Ronnie discuss how another dancer was beaten up. Lulu still wants to go undercover, which Dante still doesn’t like. Delores overhears them discussing her husband as a suspect. She is angry they’ve been investigating him. She says he’s out of town right now. Dante wonders if anyone can verify the husband’s whereabouts last night.

Delores gives the okay for them to search her apartment. When the guys leave, she blames Lulu for starting all of this. When the boys return, Dante has found photos of the attacked girls in the back of a closet.

Heather wonders why Steve and Olivia want her to meet another doctor. She’s already been given a clean bill of mental health. She wonders if Sam said something to them and storms off upset. When she returns, she reassures them that she doesn’t need to see another doctor. She wants Steve to take her to Kelly’s.

Jason runs into Kate at Sonny’s. She apologizes for her previous behavior, saying she wasn’t herself. Jason mentions the gun. Kate hears Connie’s voice telling Kate to let her out so she can deal with Jason. When the voice becomes too much. Kate yells to shut up and leave her alone. Jason thinks she’s talking to him. Kate runs out.

Alexis finds Sam at Kelly’s and asks to be told what’s going on. Sam denies there is anything wrong and admits she spoke with John. Sam swears all is fine now, she was just having a bad day. Sam talks about the sonogram and Jason being proud. Alexis asks why she’s so upset. Sam worries that everything is going to come crashing down.

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John talks to Starr and wonders if she trusts Michael. Starr defends Michael. John wonders how Starr will react if the jury acquits Sonny. He tells her she needs to move on with her life. She reminds him he has a wife and son waiting for him. However, John feels he needs to see this through before leaving. After Starr leaves, John pulls out an old newspaper article about Sonny’s gang wars killing someone.

Olivia wants Ewen to recommit Heather. While they’re talking, Kate runs in yelling that she needs to get rid of “her” before “she” destroys Kate’s relationship with Sonny. Olivia wonders who Kate means before storming out. Ewen says Kate has to tell the family what’s going on and then commit herself. He tells her he’s filed the papers. Kate finally agrees to check herself in, but wants to speak to Sonny first.

Heather and Steve run into Alexis and Sam at Kelly’s. Alexis drags Steve away to let him know that Edward had her file a restraining order against Heather. Steve promises to let her know. Heather warns Sam that she’ll tell Jason the truth, because she thinks Sam talked to Steven. Sam swears she didn’t and for Heather to back off.

Sonny overhears Jason telling Spinelli to continue looking up stuff about Kate. Sonny wants Jason to stay away from Kate. Jason explains that Kate went off on him again and questions why Sonny hasn’t noticed anything going on. He tells Sonny that Kate’s psychiatrist is concerned. Sonny gets angry that Jason is digging in Kate’s personal life. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, so Jason storms off.

Kate gets back. Sonny mentions his run in with Jason and how all the fighting needs to stop. Kate says she has something to tell him.

Starr gets back to the apartment. Michael tells her about Sonny’s visit and how Sonny thinks she's using him.

Jason runs into Alexis at Kelly’s, looking for Sam. Heather catches him and tells him they have a lot of catching up to do.

Sam gets her results and goes down to the pier to read them, where John finds her.