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James Franco on General Hospital: “It Was Just Sort of an Experiment”

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General Hospital fans have very few fond memories from Oscar nominee James Franco’s stints as serial killer Franco. However, months after his last scene on the soap aired, viewers and Port Charles residents are still being plagued by the black marks Franco left behind.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter profiling Francophrenia (or, Don't Kill Me, I Know Where The Baby Is), the film star talks about his time on General Hospital and audience’s skepticism.

"I didn't know what would happen, it was just sort of an experiment, it was a way to just insert myself into this kind of foreign world that was also sort of related to my world," Franco explains, adding that he was also interested in exploring the friction between what is perceived as highbrow (film) and lowbrow (soaps) entertainment. The parody in it all, the name Franco and serial killer identity, didn't come from any desire to poke fun at the world -- they came straight from the General Hospital writer's room. If there was any joke, everyone from the show was in on it.

That sense of fun didn't extend to the audience. At first, the reception for his soap work was less than positive, and he got the creeping sense that he was seen as an impostor in the daytime world.

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Photo Credit: Francophrenia (or, Don't Kill Me, I Know Where The Baby Is.