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SOAP BYTES: Stefano Drops The Hammer on Kate on Days of Our Lives; Who is General Hospital’s Most Boring Couple?


GH BYTES:  Remember when Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu’s (Julie Marie Berman) relationship was still young, refreshing and actually enjoyable to watch? How the mighty have fallen. I’d hoped some of their one-time magic could be rekindled. Unfortunately, their relationship and idiotic storylines have not improved over the past few months. Lante is now so tiresome they are giving Michael and Starr a run for their money as my most boring General Hospital couple.

I’m digging John McBain (Michael Easton) as Starr’s (Kristen Alderson) fairy godfather/guardian. I can’t wait to see how Todd (Roger Howarth) reacts when he returns to Port Charles. I’m especially looking forward to the arrival of Florencia Lozano’s Tea Delgado.  Starr and Tea always had such a good relationship.

With Todd occupied in Llanview, it has been left to Sonny to help cement the foundation for their rivalry via his warnings to Michael (Chad Duell) to stay away from Starr. Hurry up and return, Todd!

Steve Webber (Scott Reeves) being caught between his mother Heather (Robin Matson) and his girlfriend Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) is helping make him a more dynamic and interesting character. 


B&B: Hope (Kim Matula) was mobbed by reporters at Forrester Creations in yet another clichéd scene. I find it hard to believe the media's obsession with her wouldn’t have blown over by now.

Reporter to Hope: “You betrayed the trust of vulnerable young women!”


Bill (Don Diamont) and Liam (Scott Clifton) sitting in Liam’s living room discussing life was enjoyably simple — even if they were discussing Hope.

Bill: “I’ve been telling you Hope is unbalanced.”

Liam: “Taking prescription pills to alleviate severe anxiety does not make someone unbalanced!”

Bill: “So when is the last time you felt the need to pop a pill to get through the day?”

Liam: “You know it’s funny you say that, because I think I feel that way right now.”

The Bold and the Beautiful really needs to revisit Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Bill as a couple. As Bill is telling her to stay strong about Liam, I'm wishing they would rip off their clothes and jump in bed!

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Y&R: I know Restless Style has made a mint off the lives of Genoa City citizens, but now Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) thinks it should do damage control because of how Billy’s (Billy Miller) new baby was born? It was a nice touch for Billy to threaten to put Daniel’s (Michael Graziadei ) custody problems on the cover to get her to back off.

Chloe (Melissa Claire Egan) thinks Victoria (Amelia Heinle) should be thanking Adam (Michael Muhney) for saving the baby’s life. Victoria would rather chew a handful of nails.  By the end of the episode she had apologized, which was nice.

Jack (Peter Bergman) to Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) on their kiss: “I can’t be sure, but I think my toes are still curling.”

I just love when The Young and the Restless tries to make Genevieve (Genie Francis) sound like she’s some sort of corporate genius. They never pull it off!

It’s nice to hear Victor (Eric Braeden) admit he made a mistake in letting Neil (Kristoff St. John) walk away. TGVN rarely admits to errors in judgement.

Victor to Nikki: “You don’t think I listen to you? Didn’t I forgive our children after they took one billion, five hundred million dollars from me?  I forgave them. Why, because you begged me to. That’s what I do to protect my family!" 

Nikki:  “And then you turn around and do things to tear us up.”

Braeden and Scott’s scenes Monday are why they deserve the big bucks. They share a riveting blend of emotion and history, accentuated by years of still explosive chemistry.


DAYS: Wow, I’ve watched the first 30 minutes of Monday’s Days of Our Lives and so far absolutely nothing interesting has really taken place. This isn’t how you keep a soap on air. 

Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) toys with Kate (Lauren Koslow), but then he drops the hammer, saying  she's no longer welcome in his home and that he knows she had sex with Ian (Ian Buchanan).

Stefano: “This is our last supper.”

Kate’s meltdown in Horton Square made me almost wish Koslow was give a DID storyline.

After seeing Hope (Kristian Alfonso) pleading with Bo (Peter Reckell) at his bedside, I almost miss Billie’s (Lisa Rinna) hospital scenes.  The flashbacks were fun, even if I was concerned at Hope’s threat to keep talking until Bo couldn’t stand it anymore.

What do you think of Abigail (Kate Mansi) and Cameron (Schuyler Yancey)? I’m beginning to sort of dig them. However, I think it might be fun to see him in a cougar storyline with Billie.