General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


 Ronnie’s certain that Eddie is their man. However, Delores swears she’s never seen the photos before. All it proves is the Eddie was at Vonn’s. Johnny is brought in to ID the girls in the photos. Dante says they need to follow the leads. Johnny hopes Delores isn’t covering for her husband, since she’ll be considered an accessory. Delores says she kept up her end of their deal and he needs to keep up his.

Sonny wants to know why Kate flipped out on Jason. She claims it wasn’t her. She has no problems with Jason. Before Kate can tell him about Connie, Sonny gets a call that the verdict is in. They head to the courthouse. Kate claims whatever she has to say can wait.

Heather tells Jason that he needs to know about his wife. She mentions Sam’s visit and explains part of the birthing story. Alexis interrupts to tell Jason that the verdict is in. Heather tells Steven part of the story and doesn’t understand why Jason doesn’t care about his mother’s pain.

Sam’s not happy to see John, but at the same time, doesn’t want to be alone to open the results. She figures everything will change if the baby is Franco’s. She explains that Heather knows the truth and has a grudge against her. John says he wants to help her, because he wants things to work out for her. Sam feels there’s a connection between them.

Michael wants to know if Starr came to him because he’d understand or to turn him against Sonny. Carly shows up, defending Johnny. She tells Michael that she was with Johnny all night. Sonny is accusing Johnny because he hates him. She’s surprised to see Starr. Michael admits that Starr is staying with him.

Starr swears they had a connection and she never asked him to betray his father. Michael says he thinks Sonny is innocent. Carly points out that while Sonny may not have caused the accident, he put himself in that situation by making destructive choices. She’s happy that Michael is helping Starr. Carly and Michael get the call that the verdict is in. Michael offers to take Starr.

Delores swears to Lulu that she didn’t delete the pictures. Lulu accuses her of hanging out in the evidence room. Delores explains she waas looking for a pattern of her dead sister’s case. She swears Eddie is a good man. Ronnie brings in Eddie, who swears he didn’t do anything. Delores asks him about the pictures. He hasn’t seen them before. Lulu listens as Eddie says he never lifted a hand to Delores or any other woman and never would.

At the courthouse, the jury finds Sonny not guilty on all charges. The judge releases him as a free man. Johnny doesn’t understand how Sonny can walk again. Dante is happy for his father. Sonny’s happy to get his life back. Starr screams that she knows he killed them and that she’ll make him pay. She storms out and Michael goes after her.

Sonny thanks Alexis. Johnny says Alexis must be proud of herself. Alexis says she did her job. She tells Johnny to go do Sonny’s ex and stop moralizing. Sonny accuses Johnny of setting him up and failing because Johnny’s a loser. Johnny accuses Sonny of paying off jurors. Sonny tells Carly that she’s dating a moron. He said he was coming after Johnny and he will. Sonny starts to say something about Claudia, so Johnny lunges at him. Jason and Carly break them up. Sonny and Kate leave.

Lulu mentions to Ronnie that she thinks Eddie is innocent. Ronnie reminds her that she accused Delores of deleting the photos.  The evidence points to Eddie. Dante returns and tells Lulu about the acquittal. He still believes the gun was planted by Johnny, although he still thinks there is a piece missing.

Michael gets home to find Starr packing to leave. Kate’s happy for Sonny, who thanks her for standing by him. He points out that there’s nothing wrong with Jason, which means something else is going on and asks Kate what it is.

Johnny’s angry at Sonny’s gloating. He doesn’t understand how Sonny could have gotten off, since the gun was found in Kate’s office. Carly asks if he did it, if Johnny had the gun planted to frame Sonny.

Sam reads the results which say that Franco is the baby’s father. She cries that the worst has happened. She finally says out loud that she was raped by Franco. She realizes she needs to tell Jason. John assures her that Jason will understand. They hug. Jason calls about the verdict. Sam says she has something important to tell him.