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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Michael doesn’t want Starr to leave, but she has no reason to stay.  She knows Sonny is guilty. However, Michael knows Sonny is innocent and points the finger at Johnny, saying he had motive and opportunity.  He feels she owes it to Hope and Cole to find out the truth. Starr points out that Carly wouldn’t be dating Johnny if he were capable of killing his own family.  Starr decides to leave and thanks Michael for everything.  

Johnny’s angry with Carly for letting Sonny get to her and believing him capable of framing Sonny.  Carly thinks Johnny would do anything to hurt Sonny.  Johnny swears he didn’t shoot out Anthony’s tires. Carly apologizes for not believing him.  Johnny’s sorry she got dragged into this mess. 

Before Kate gets a chance to tell Sonny about Connie, Olivia shows up, demanding to speak to Sonny about Steve. Then Max arrives with business information.  Max tells Sonny that he found out what Johnny has over Steve’s head. 

Olivia accuses Kate again of hitting on Steve and warns her not to do it again or else.  Olivia continues to yell at Kate. Kate starts hearing Connie’s voice again.  Kate gets a headache and runs upstairs.   

Olivia wants Sonny to step things up with in getting Johnny to back off Steve. She wants to make sure he understands that she doesn’t want Johnny hurt.  Sonny says he has something in the works and Johnny won’t bother Steve anymore. 

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Steven tells Ewen that Heather agreed to a session, as a condition of her release. He wants to prove his mother isn’t a danger.  Maggie catches Heather reading through Steve’s patient’s files and tries to take the file away.  Heather refuses to let it go. Maggie calls her crazy and Heather shoves Maggie against the desk.   Steve breaks it up and Ewen offers to chat with Heather now.

Maggie tells Steve that his mother made it clear she does she what she wants.   Steve just feels his mother is trying to acclimate, even though Maggie explains how Heather went off on her. 

In the session, Heather flirts with Ewen, saying she knows how the game is played.  Ewen lets Steve know that he’s not sure if Heather is sane or a good actress. However, Heather likely won’t agree to a second session.  Maggie tries to apologize to Heather. Heather says Maggie will regret it if she calls her crazy again. 

In the bedroom, Kate sees Connie in the mirror. Connie taunts her.  The two argue back and forth until Connie finally emerges. Kate’s now the one stuck in the mirror.  Connie declares that she’s going to get Sonny out of their lives for good.  Sonny catches her talking to herself, but she covers. Sonny asks what Kate was going to tell him.

Connie says the stress was getting to her but it’s over now. She’s stopping the session with Ewen.  She wants to throw a party for Sonny’s birthday which he agrees to.  When he leaves, Connie tells Kate that she’s going to throw a party that sonny will never forget. 

Carly goes to Sonny and tells him that Johnny is innocent.  Sonny accuses her of seeing what she wants.  Carly reminds him she was with Johnny all night. He didn’t frame Sonny and not to do what he has planned.  Carly warns him not to hurt Johnny.

Starr shows up at Johnny’s door. 

Sam tells Jason what Heather told her about the birth. Jason is shocked to hear that Franco was his brother. He doesn’t want to believe it, claiming both Heather and Betsy were crazy.  Sam gives him the hospital bracelet, which was Franco’s. Jason realizes that he killed his own brother. However, Sam feels Franco got what he deserved.  Jason asks about the DNA test.  Sam says she got a new test done. She shows him the results and says Franco is the baby’s father.