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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Epiphany finds an unshaven Patrick watching videos of Robin. She tells him she covered for him with Monica, since he missed his shift.  Patrick says Emma is at Elizabeth’s. Epiphany says he can’t sit there feeling sorry for himself.

Patrick says he’s going to stay home and watch videos of Robin and he’ll fight Pif if she tries to stop him.  Epiphany concedes and lets him wallow tonight. She says she’s coming back for him, she’ll fight him and she’ll win. 

Spinelli and Matt hang out on the party boat, trying to figure out who killed Lisa.  Spin decides it was Patrick and he blocked it out.  Matt reminds him that he was drunk that night, not Patrick. He doesn’t believe it could have been his brother.  As Matt leaves the boat, Spin remembers him saying that he was the one who was drunk. 

McBain shows up at Anna’s angry that Sonny got away with murder and has never been held accountable for anything.  Anna doesn’t want him to go after Sonny. John assures her that he won’t stoop to Sonny’s level.  Anna reminds him that he has people who need him. He mentions how she wasn’t part of Robin’s life and she can’t get those years back.  Anna says he needs to go home to his wife and son.

John says he failed his sister. Her killer is walking free and he owes it to her.  Anna says he only has sixty days on his federal allowance.  John decides he’ll go home, talk to his wife and he’ll come back. 

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Sonny pays Michael a visit and finds out that Starr took off.  Sonny invites Michael to the party Kate is throwing. He asks what happened with Starr.  Michael said he tried to support her, but he believed in Sonny’s innocence.  Sonny admits he could kill Anthony. Michael should let him know if he has doubts. Michael feels he would have seen the guilt on Sonny’s face.

Sonny says Michael’s faith in him means a lot.  Michael asks if Johnny could really have framed him.  Sonny says he knows Johnny was with Carly. However, it doesn’t mean he couldn’t have made a phone call.  He reassures Michael that Johnny can’t hurt him anymore. 

Starr tells Johnny that she’s looking for answers.  Johnny mentions being born in the business and not being able to get out. Sonny lives for the power and will do anything to keep it.  He’s sure Sonny caused the accident. He mentions Sonny shooting Dante and planting the car bomb.  He explains Sonny outing his secret and humiliating him. 

Johnny’s sorry that he couldn’t give her the answers she wanted or justice. He asks why she was going to LA.  Starr says she was supposed to record an album, but her producer said the financing fell through.  Johnny makes a call and buys out her contract, telling her she can record her album in PC.  He assures her that it’s a business move, because she needs a break. 

Sam explains that Jason registered a false match with the first DNA test and that its ninety-nine percent Franco’s. Jason wonders how she got the sample. She says she has a contact at the FBI.  Jason realizes that Sam lied about the appointment with Kelly. Sam says she was going to tell him when she got the results, because she thought it would work out in their favor.  She wanted to protect him. 

Jason says after what happened with Robin, Sam should have told him and not suffered alone.  He says they’re in this together. He is upset that she can’t share things with him, but can talk with John McBain.  Sam says she struggled with the decision, but she was scared of the look on his face. She wonders if he’ll be able to love the baby and be part of its life.

Michael listens to Starr’s demo tape.  John calls home and tells Natalie he’s on his way.  Anna looks at photos of Robin.  Epiphany leaves Patrick watching his videos.  Sam asks Jason to hold her.