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Is Nadia Bjorlin Heading Back to Days of Our Lives (Take Two)?

A few months back, scuttlebutt that Nadia Bjorlin was set to reprise the role of Chloe on Days of Our Lives was the talk of the interwebs. Negotiations between Bjorlin and the soap's brass reportedly broke down at the time. However, an item in this week's Soap Opera Digest cover story states "setsiders say the return of Nadia Bjorlin could be imminent." Could Chloe be on her way back to Salem after all?


If so, I seriously hope Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell return the character to her roots as a selfish, bitchy comic diva. I want the Chloe that knocks back expensive champagne, while bragging about her opera singing career; not one with so little self worth she becomes a not-so-high class hooker! What are your thoughts on a possible Chloe return? Sound off in the comments!

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