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SOAP BYTES: EJ and Kate Compare Notes on Days of Our Lives; The Redemption of Adam Continues on The Young and the Restless


DAYS BYTES: Logistical question, who shaved Bo’s (Peter Reckell) face while he was in a coma? (Editor's Note: Ummm, an orderly or CNA?) Shouldn’t he have had a longer beard when he woke up?

So Will Horton (Chandler Massey) is now Mr. Horton? While true, it just felt odd to hear it. 

EJ (James Scott): “If I were you, I wouldn’t focus on Samantha. She’s not your enemy. She’s the beneficiary of your rather spectacular fall from my father’s graces.”

Kate (Lauren Koslow): “She’s not my enemy, after the lies and the betrayals?”

EJ: “Oh come on. Pot, kettle, step mommy. Why don’t you stop venting and start trying to figure out what is going on?”


Kate: “It’s a pretty damn grim day when Sami has more sway over your father than any of us.”

EJ: “You know how he feels about her.”

Kate: “He loathes her. He still does.”

EJ: “The only reason he’d elevate her like this…”

Kate: “Is to hurt me, my love."

Okay, I’m sort of enjoying Kate and EJ being all conspiratorial. Maybe DAYS should forget about reuniting EJami and take another stab at EJ and Kate?

Horton Square sure is a versatile location, isn’t it? It’s good for election campaigns, outdoor movies and it can be reserved for private dinners. DAYS is getting their money’s worth out that set.

Gabi (Camila Banus) wants Will’s help in breaking up Chad (Casey Deidrick) and Melanie (Molly Burnett). If she knew anything about Will, she’d know better than try to pull him into a scheme reminiscent of something Sami (Alison Sweeney) would do.


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Y&R BYTES: Tucker (Stephen Nichols) was rocking those sunglasses!

Does anyone actually care what Victor’s (Eric Braeden) endgame is? If it was all abour Victor vs. Jack (Peter Bergman) that would be one thing, but the fact that it involves Genevieve (Genie Francis) wrecks the whole thing.

Speaking of Genevieve, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case) weren’t too happy about Victor making the loon their boss.  How long do you think they’ll put up with it?

Adam (Michael Muhney) is slowly, but surely redeeming himself to Genoa City citizens. Sharon is being compassionate towards him. He’s getting good press. He saved a drowning woman and delivered her baby. What more can be done to redeem Adam? Personally, I prefer a villainous Adam.  


GH BYTES: Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) is getting really good at interrupting Kate (Kelly Sullivan). It’s fun to see Olivia ready to pull the rug out from under Kate.

Kate screaming in the mirror, as Connie controls her body, is reminding me a bit of Jessica/Tess/Bess (Bree Williamson) on One Life to Live. At some point I’m expecting to see her in different shards of glass. Sullivan is doing a great job.

Starr (Kristen Alderson) isn’t sure what she’s going to do, but she’s leaving Michael (Chad Duell). I doubt their separation will last.

Yes Jason, you killed your brother (James Franco). You’re a killer and you’ve killed countless others. Get over it Stone Cold.

Poor Steve (Scott Reeves), he really is letting the love he feels for his mother blind him to the truth.

For a moment I thought Carly (Laura Wright) and Johnny (Brandon Barash) were going to have hot make up sex. However, Starr showed up at Johnny's door. Please let this mean they are chemistry testing Starr and Johnny.


B&B BYTES: The sexual chemistry between Amber (Adrienne Frantz) and Rick (Jacob Young) was on full display Wednesday. Too bad it was all just one of her fantasies.

Amber sure is good at Photoshop. That picture of Rick in the evening gown was hilarious. Especially when its appearance in a group of photos was punctuated by a “Whoops!” from Amber, as she showed them to Caroline. Amber, you are a naughty girl!

Rick on Pam (Alley Mills) and Donna (Jennifer Gareis) sharing the receptionist job: “This should be interesting.”

You said it, Rick.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Ridge (Ronn Moss), Rick, Caroline (Linsey Godfrey), Thomas (Adam Gregory) and Marcus (Texas Battle) held a product meeting to discuss clothing lines. I miss Thorne (Windsor Harmon) and Felicia (Lesli Kay). 

Brooke to Caroline: “None of us wants to hurt Amber. It’s just that she’s not appropriate for this company. You on the other hand fit right in."